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Do Artists' Personal Disgraces Really Invalidate their Work?

There are few pleasures in life which inspire unbridled passion and faithful devotion as much as music does. As music devotees, our affinities are such that – as with football fans and the players they worship – we feel as though we share in their glories, and even help them through their low points, as they have helped us. 942 more words


Police 'ignored complaints' about paedophile Ian Watkins for five years

Three police officers face misconduct hearings after reportedly ignoring repeated complaints about paedophile Ian Watkins.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has criticised South Wales Police for apparently failing properly to investigate the Lostprophets singer after his ex-girlfriend, 41-year-old Joanna Mjadzelics, called Welsh social services in 2008. 272 more words


The Dark Side of the Music Industry

I have always found it incredibly sad that the music scene, whilst wonderful and magical in so many ways, will always also be home to a darker side. 869 more words


UTM Discuss: Separating The Art From The Artist

People are dicks, there’s no two ways about it. Whilst PRs, record labels and tabloids might want you to think that people in cool/successful bands are somehow above being terrible, terrible people; they would be wrong. 1,545 more words