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Has the WHO EMF Project been hijacked by ICNIRP?

Recently the following appeal has been posted at http://olgasheean.com/who-emf/:

“Make your voice count

Sign this VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in WHO’s EMF Project

We, the undersigned, being aware of and/or harmed by the adverse biological effects of EMFs, hereby declare our VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE for WHO and its EMF Project, headed by industry-biased Emilie van Deventer—an electrical engineer (with no medical or health credentials), who has publicized her support for the wireless telecommunications industry and has a major conflict of interest, given her industry-funded research aimed at promoting and advancing wireless communication technology. 937 more words

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Bully Monsanto attacks scientists who link Glyphosate and cancer

From thehill.com

Don’t mess with Monsanto Co. That is the message being delivered right now by the agrichemical industry as it makes a full fledged assault on the team of international cancer scientists who dared to declare cancerous connections to the widely used herbicide called glyphosate, the chief ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup brand. 241 more words


Pentachlorophenol is a human carcinogen, Group 1

In October 2016 18 scientists met at IARC for evaluation of pentachlorophenol (PCP) as a human carcinogen. The panel classified PCP as ‘carcinogenic to humans’ Group 1… 187 more words


Is IARC Fit for Purpose?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has recently hit new lows in disgraceful behaviour. Over the last 18 months, the Risk-Monger and others have been cataloging examples of a lack of scientific integrity, but recent revelations of inappropriate and unethical activities by IARC staff have brought the WHO agency down to its knees. 1,457 more words


Basilikum ist krebserregend

Basilikum ist krebserregend. Wer hätte das gedacht? Aber nun mal langsam: Wie komme ich zu dieser Aussage? Es ist so: Basilikum enthält Estragol, eine Substanz, die auch unter den Namen “Methylchavicol”, “1-Methoxy-4-allylbenzol”, “4-Allylanisol” oder “1-Methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)-benzol” geführt wird und sich im Tierversuch als krebserregend herausgestellt hat. 323 more words


I Should Really Explain....

You know how you get in to that slump where you don’t want to write, answer emails. The slump where you no longer answer the phone; because you just don’t want to talk to whoever is on the other side of that call, because you would be required to answer so many questions that you are at the point of pure, utter exhaustion because you’ve had to answer them over and over and it never seems to sink in, so they continue asking. 484 more words

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Glyphosate: How to fix IARC

This blog will make the following points:

  • IARC could have used unpublished research in its glyphosate monograph; they chose not to;
  • The EPA’s latest report on glyphosate that contradicted IARC’s findings also concluded that every single publication the 112 working group relied upon was inadequate or misinterpreted;
  • 2,027 more words