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Basilikum ist krebserregend

Basilikum ist krebserregend. Wer hätte das gedacht? Aber nun mal langsam: Wie komme ich zu dieser Aussage? Es ist so: Basilikum enthält Estragol, eine Substanz, die auch unter den Namen “Methylchavicol”, “1-Methoxy-4-allylbenzol”, “4-Allylanisol” oder “1-Methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)-benzol” geführt wird und sich im Tierversuch als krebserregend herausgestellt hat. 323 more words


I Should Really Explain....

You know how you get in to that slump where you don’t want to write, answer emails. The slump where you no longer answer the phone; because you just don’t want to talk to whoever is on the other side of that call, because you would be required to answer so many questions that you are at the point of pure, utter exhaustion because you’ve had to answer them over and over and it never seems to sink in, so they continue asking. 484 more words

Gestational Carrier

Glyphosate: How to fix IARC

This blog will make the following points:

  • IARC could have used unpublished research in its glyphosate monograph; they chose not to;
  • The EPA’s latest report on glyphosate that contradicted IARC’s findings also concluded that every single publication the 112 working group relied upon was inadequate or misinterpreted;
  • 2,027 more words

Mid-Year Update: What’s Brewing at the NCA

By Bill Murray, President, NCA

It’s been an exciting year here at the National Coffee Association – and for the entire industry.

In the spirit of September’s new beginnings, I’d like to share a quick recap of the coffee industry issues we’ve been working on at the NCA: 552 more words


IARC’s Glyphosate Debacle: Sinking deeper into their pit of hypocrisy

After exposing the IARC-gate scandal, I was hoping to leave that horrid little hornets’ nest and move on to more serious issues coming out of more serious organisations … but the relentless hypocrisy emanating from this “scientific” agency has become the gift that keeps on giving. 2,151 more words


Getting lost with a bad compass: Precaution and pesticides

When you leave on a journey, would you rather use a map (one that may not be 100% accurate, but is regularly being checked and updated), or just a compass which in the past has proven to not work very well?

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