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112 W Lewis Street Model Progress

The Revit model of 112 W Lewis Street is almost complete! A finalized version should be sent out to the class over the weekend so everyone may begin a more detailed study of the existing structure. 48 more words


Bacon's gonna kill ya!

At the back of last year, the WHO announced that they were placing bacon, along with sausages, ham, deli meats etc, in ‘group one’ of their list of carcinogens – the same category as tobacco. 374 more words

112 W Lewis Street: Concept Haiku & Precedents

I really enjoyed creating my own imagery for my concept haiku poster. With our site having such rich history, and many captivating photos, I knew a more personal touch was needed for this assignment. 123 more words


112 W Lewis St Plan Progress

Working to create as-built drawing and a 3D model of the 112 W Lewis St building has been a fun challenge. The intricacies and irregularities have made modeling interesting and complex! 35 more words


Day 16: Dr. Greger's Pesto Pasta

I took a Nutrition 101 course last semester that completely changed the way I think about food. When you actually know what goes on inside of your body as you eat and digest food, it makes you realize that food doesn’t just disappear after you swallow it. 321 more words

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Carcinogen Poker: Farm Fairy Crafts' Biodynamic Grapes

My recent post about Farm Fairy Crafts1 upset a few anti-GMO activists who didn’t like me calling out a member of the $39 billion organic industry for selling products that could, by their own standards, be classified as dangerous as the ones they lambaste. 676 more words