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Prop 65 Notice of Intent to List Aloe Vera, Whole Leaf Extract & Goldenseal Root Powder as Known to the State to Cause Cancer

If you do not know what Prop 65 is, then your cosmetic company is one of the few that has not faced Prop 65 challenges.  Whether or not your company has faced enforcement, all cosmetic companies selling products into California should be aware of Prop 65 and its developments. 479 more words

More postdoctoral opportunities at IARC

If you want to want to work with R and JAGS on a hard multivariate measurement error problem in nutritional epidemiology, then take a look at this advert. 34 more words


International Doctors Demand Immediate Ban on Glyphosate Herbicides ... from GM Watch

This is from the Feed the World website and via GM Watch, by Claire Robinson.

“The International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) has written to officials of the EU Parliament and Commission asking for an immediate ban on glyphosate herbicides and four insecticides judged by the World Health Organisation’s cancer agency, IARC, to be probable carcinogens.

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Appeal to U.N. to protect humans from wireless technology

International Scientists Appeal to U.N. to Protect Humans and Wildlife from Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Technology

WHO’s conflicting stance on risk needs strengthening, says 190 scientists…
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Electromagnetic Field

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL: Scientists call for Protection from Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure

On May 11, 2015, the International Appeal was submitted to His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to Dr. Margaret Chan, MD, Director General of the World Health Organization, 92 more words

Mobile Phones And Health

Cancer alert over Roundup weed killer

A commonly used weed killer, by farmers and gardeners, is Roundup – which contains Glyphosate. This weedkiller used in millions of gardens has been identified as a potential cancer risk. 377 more words


The Carcinogenity of Glyphosate ... from the Lancet Oncology

It was announced recently, that WHO has concluded that glyphosate ‘probably causes cancer’ …. they have classed it 2A. It is surely well past the time for NZ authorities to reconsider its approval of this widely used herbicide. 193 more words