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AI-4-Good in War

It would be worthwhile to think more deeply about how to use AI to reduce the humanitarian tolls of warfare.

Source: AI-4-Good in War


BDSM Fan Creates Extremely NSFW Amazon Alexa Hack

“A British designer has created an NSFW use for his Amazon Alexa, essentially turning it into the world’s first robotic dominatrix.  Gary, known online as Deviant Designs, linked up his Alexa to a device that he made himself, designed to deliver pain on demand. 174 more words


Here’s how intelligence agencies will take advantage of machine learning and AI

With greater interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, industry officials offer greater clarity on how those technologies will work for the national security community. 14 more words


Pentagon’s Big AI Program, Maven, Already Hunts Data in Middle East, Africa

Project Maven has made huge strides in its first year, but the key is remaining open to updates from whoever has the best idea for new algorithms, and new code, a military leader says, 14 more words


Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the Age of Disruptive Surprise

Elvis, dogs and apes need corrections.

“The ape might understand that fire burns without understanding why it burns. But “Why?” is the question that allows the caveman to harness and create fire.” 78 more words


An Inflection Point for Scientific and Technical Intelligence

“…virtually all modern weapon systems depend upon data derived from scientific and technical intelligence.” -National Security Strategy, 2017 A seemingly obscure term mentioned in President Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy portends a long-overdue shift in the way the United States prioritizes intelligence… 9 more words