Episode 42: IATEFL2016 Conference Review with Sandy Millin


In this episode the TEFLologists spoke to blogger, author and presenter Sandy Millin about the recent IATEFL2016 conference that took place in Birmingham, UK earlier this month. 104 more words


IATEFL 2016 - The Teacher Training Debate

From watching the IATEFL sessions available online (here and here) and following their impact online, one can almost get a feel of what the conference was like. 599 more words


'The Native factor' Silvana's plenary - IATEFL 2016 Day 2

‘The Native factor’ Silvana’s plenary – IATEFL 2016 Day 2

IATEFL 2016 Plenary Day 2

Silvana  Richardson

Silvana introduced herself: she is not tall, she is not male, not single, not an atheist, not a sport, not fantasy buff, not a native speaker. 502 more words

Barefoot Beginners: Ceri Jones at IATEFL2106

Thanks to a super crazy schedule this last week, I’ve only just got around to watching some of the sessions from the IATEFL conference in Birmingham. 561 more words


News: IATEFL 2016

The biggest event in ELT, the IATEFL Conference, took place at the beginning of April in Birmingham, UK. If you missed it, all is not lost! 25 more words


Non- Native English Teacher

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The Native Factor: the discussion continues

FromLet’s be the majority, not the minority. We shake our heads at the unpleasant (often an understatement!) things our ancestors have done in the name of labels and arbitrary categories, but let’s remember that we also need to shake our heads and stand up against what’s happening now.

49 more words