Upcoming webinars for ELT educators | Jun - Jul 2015

It’s been an insanely hot summer in India this year with temperatures hitting a roasting 48 in parts of the north. Thankfully, things are a bit more reasonable where I live on the coast although the humidity is still suffocating. 255 more words


This has been in my drafts for quite some time now, but it’s been a hectic couple of weeks… Better late than never!

So, I’ve now posted summaries of all the talks I attended, minus Harry Kuchah’s excellent plenary (you can find a great summary by Sandy Millin… 234 more words


There's something about Ali, Hyunwoo and Federico... Teaching English to Students with Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) - Varinder Unlu, IH London

I chose to attend this talk as I had some experience of students with learning differences whilst teaching in London, and wanted to learn more. 244 more words


The Ear of the Beholder - Laura Patsko

I was really looking forward to this talk as I know Laura from teaching together in London, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Laura started her talk by asking us to write down a sentence she was going to say. 369 more words


The Cambridge English Scale - the future of results reporting. Dr Andrew Somers, Cambridge English

I attended this course as I teach a couple of Cambridge Exam students and have taught more before, so was interested to know what the… 114 more words


Audio feedback in writing: can it help chronically dissatisfied learners? Petek Sirin, Ozyegin University

This has been saved in my drafts for nearly a week, but things kept getting in the way of publishing it!

Petek talked about giving her students audio feedback, as opposed to the “traditional” written feedback, often with marking codes. 227 more words


IATEFL 2015 Getting your students to lie

Some of the most practical ideas I got from IATEFL 2015 involved encouraging students to lie…in order to get them speaking.  Jamie Keddie presented an idea for getting students to record a video telling a personal anecdote but either telling a true story or lying so when their classmates watch, they have to guess if it’s true.   453 more words