We were very happy to present at Iatefl in Brighton this year. In the talk we reflected on some of the key outcomes and realisations from team teaching over the last 6 months at UAB Idiomes in Barcelona. 1,496 more words


IATEFL 2018 - My Week in Brighton

This is my report from last week’s IATEFL conference in Brighton, UK. It is a personal review of the week, not an in-depth critical review of the sessions.  1,214 more words

Pulling at Invisible Threads: IATEFL 2018 Reflections Part 1

After IATEFL 2017 I wrote a post that expressed concerns about the level of control and influence that publishing companies and other for-profit organisations have over the conference. 1,511 more words

English Language Teaching Issues

IATEFL Online 2018

This is a Tagxedo word cloud of the recordings of talks on 12 April, 2018 from the IATEFL Conference in Brighton, UK.

This is a… 17 more words


What's the point?

What’s the point of teaching, testing, teacher training and conferences?

At the risk of sounding as though I’m copying Barry O’Sullivan, I may say that, at the beginning of this post, you are reading but you don’t know where this is taking you, and I’m not sure I do too, but I hope that it will all come together along the way. 1,062 more words


Exploring ELT as Emancipatory Practice

Here is a link to the talk I gave at IATEFL 2018 in Brighton, plus a copy of the slides I used. I am grateful to IATEFL for the opportunity to present these ideas, and to the British Council for filming it. 29 more words


IATEFL2018: Day 4 Highlights

Saving the best till last! Of the sessions I saw today, two stand out, two that I will remember.

Barry O’Sullivan: Living to tell the tale: a history of language testing… 252 more words

Reflections Of A Teacher