Teacher training: a waste of time?

Graham Hall is editor of ELT Journal and works at Northumbria University in the UK, where he teaches on Northumbria’s MA in Applied Linguistics for TESOL and MA TESOL programmes. 629 more words

Professional Development

Using project management principles in the classroom | IATEFL webinar summary + reflections

The reason I’m singling out this webinar out of the eight or nine events that comprised the IATEFL online conference which took place last weekend is its title. 866 more words

A call to women in ELT

Back in April, Russ Mayne and I gave a talk about women in ELT and we started a website called Gender Equality ELT. One of the things we planned to do with it was to create a reference point for anyone planning a conference and looking to feature more female speakers, particularly in the often poorly representative plenary speaker line-up. 370 more words


Upcoming webinars for ELT educators | Nov – Dec 2015

Stop snoozin … start learnin

I was a little caught up and missed creating a list for October but here are all the free webinars I found trawling the net and should keep us engaged till Christmas.

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Ask Me Anything ELT

The internet isn’t always a nice place. That’s partly because it’s inhabited by people and not robots (spambots might be annoying but, as yet at least, they aren’t petty, vindictive or liable to pick holes in some tiny part of what someone said and then publicly berate them for it.) But the reason the internet is not a nice place is, of course, mostly because those people are physically removed from the object of their nit-picking or spite. 792 more words


Interview with the IATEFL President, Marjorie Rosenberg

In this interview from the Talk to the Expert series, I had the pleasure of talking to Marjorie Rosenberg, who is the current IATEFL President. Recently, IATEFL decided to stop publishing job ads on their… 252 more words


Why teaching immigrant children English is turning into a 2015 election issue

Frank Monaghan, The Open University

The education of children who speak more than one language is being used as part of a wider debate about immigration just months before the UK’s 2015 general election. 813 more words