Classroom Activities to Encourage Critical Thinking

The ability to think critically is especially important in our day and age as more and more students seem to be lacking the skill to filter the information they retrieve on a daily basis. 768 more words


Right - this calls for immediate discussion! (IATEFL 2018 Reflections Part 2)

After IATEFL 2015 I wrote this blog post, reflecting on Russ Mayne and Nicola Prentis’s session about women in ELT. The focus of the post was less about disproportionately high male representation in relatively influential positions in ELT, and more about the fact that these positions have been held by the… 1,408 more words

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Meet&Greet with Georgia!

We are truly excited to have with us an exceptional person and educator excelling in England. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Georgia Papamichailidou. 990 more words


Things I didn't do in IATEFL

The last time I attended the IATEFL annual conference was in 2015, when Magdalena de Stefani, Maria Muniz, Juup Stelma and I took part in… 449 more words

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We were very happy to present at Iatefl in Brighton this year. In the talk we reflected on some of the key outcomes and realisations from team teaching over the last 6 months at UAB Idiomes in Barcelona. 1,496 more words


IATEFL 2018 - My Week in Brighton

This is my report from last week’s IATEFL conference in Brighton, UK. It is a personal review of the week, not an in-depth critical review of the sessions.  1,214 more words

Pulling at Invisible Threads: IATEFL 2018 Reflections Part 1

After IATEFL 2017 I wrote a post that expressed concerns about the level of control and influence that publishing companies and other for-profit organisations have over the conference. 1,511 more words

English Language Teaching Issues