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P is for Pluto

I know, I know, I’m way behind on my A to Z posts. Life hit me hard in April but I’m doing my best. I have very much enjoyed writing these and so, even though I will finish pretty late, I will finish them. 1,619 more words


Wine, cheese, bread, what else?

The three things that define France more than anything else, it is certain that this is a culture surrounded by the art of food. Everything from what is, to how it is prepared, to how it is presented. 538 more words


Naming Pluto

Update 2015/04/14! The voting is extended to April 24th. Here’s your chance!

Pluto – 113 days and counting as of 2015/03/23. The New Horizons spacecraft flies close by Pluto this July 14th—the first encounter in history and probably the last in your lifetime. 600 more words


I is for the International Astronomical Union

Have you ever wondered who gets to decide what or how to name a star? Or who names the craters and mountains on other planets? Who is in charge of defining all the astronomical constants. 708 more words


What Will We Name the Features on Pluto? You Decide.

This July the New Horizons spacecraft will perform its long-awaited flyby through the Pluto system, capturing unprecedented data and images of the distant icy planet and its companion satellites Charon, Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, and Styx. 400 more words


And now you've named a rocket, why not some places?

NASA is looking for some names to use for yet-to-be-discovered features on Pluto and Charon in a few months.  They won’t have time to linger, so they want a large preselected list of about 100 to be going with.   137 more words