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CPNP: Sometimes when I think about traveling somewhere, I am always amazed at how distant places seem. But then I think about the vastness of our own cosmos, and then earthly distances seem so trivial. 751 more words

Tuesdays With Di

Conférence: "La Représentation de l'Islam dans la presse européenne"

Wednesday I was given the opportunity to attend a lecture put on by IAU college about how Islam is represented in in European Press.

The presenter was professor Aboubakr Jamaï, a former journalist in Morocco and a current professor at IAU teaching international relations. 525 more words


Name an Exoplanet - Last Chance to Vote!

The are only two days left to vote for which exoplanet the Planet Hunters community should try and name as par of the IAU/Zooniverse Name Exoworlds… 33 more words

Citizen Science

Is Gold Rolling Over Again?

I published the chart with the two CNBC headlines in the January 19 Profit Radar Report. It just illustrates nicely how the change of price affects sentiment and vice versa. 438 more words


History of Aix-en-Provence and IAU

Aix-en-Provence was founded in 122 B.C. by the Romans, and like probably any old town in Europe endured war and conflict with surrounding peoples and towns. 481 more words


NASA's New Horizons starts observing Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons space probe has been on its way to Pluto since its launch in January 2006, and NASA has recently announced that it has started its “approach phase”. 381 more words


The Problem With Pluto

Ah Pluto, the world’s favorite planet-in-exile. Pluto was once a proud little planet orbiting at the farthest reaches of the solar system. Stuck in a highly eccentric orbit (that occasionally crosses neptune’s) Pluto was once an underdog of sorts, the little planet that could.   818 more words