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April Marks Strongest Month for Gold Inflows in Over a Year

Last month was perhaps the strongest for gold net inflows in over a year, according to the World Gold Council. In April alone, global gold-backed exchange traded fund (ETF) holdings added 72.2 tonnes to 2,481. 261 more words

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Pluto: An Update on the Honorary Planet

I wrote about Pluto a little over a year ago, in ‘Pluto: The Honarary Planet’, after a paper appeared criticizing the International Astronomical Union’s decision in 2006 to demote Pluto to some lesser status, perhaps ‘minor planet’, ‘dwarf planet’, or ‘planetoid’, thus reducing the ‘official’ list of true planets in our Solar System to eight. 688 more words


More Proof That Gold Will Absorb Equity Dollars During Stock Market Uncertainty

It is no secret that investors were looking for some sort of safety in March. After all, there were growing fears of a trade war, ongoing issues in Korea, increased equity volatility and a decline in cryptocurrencies. 424 more words

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Naming Exoplanets: Explained

So you’ve just discovered an exoplanet via the Astrometric method, the Doppler method, the Transit method, or some other scheme. You’ve probably already discovered the star it orbits around instead. 365 more words


Are Gold ETFs Inflows Competing for Bitcoin Investors?

If you have been watching the financial media of late, chances are high that you have had more than enough about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies shoved into your ear. 444 more words

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A Sky Full of Stars


In the infinite cosmos we live in, there is no exact number to put below the question, ‘how many stars are there in the sky?’ Scientists estimate about 100 octillion of them, which suggests that they are remarkably ubiquitous. 359 more words

The First-Known Interstellar Asteroid is Like a Giant Tumbling Torpedo

Remember that comet-no-wait-asteroid astronomers discovered in October on a high-velocity hyperbolic orbit around the Sun? It has been determined that the object must be of interstellar origin and, based on follow-up observations over the past several weeks, it’s shaped like nothing that’s ever been seen before. 540 more words