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Person (probably a cousin or some other relative): Oh my god!! The Indian boards are so hard!! We have so much to study!! Lucky you, I bet your high-funda foreign board is easy as hell. 65 more words

Film Presentation; A Separation (2011)

As I turned into DP1 this year, I was finally able to take Film SL course in IB (unfortunately, our school does not provide Higher Level classes for art subjects). 388 more words


My 4 Year Plan Gets Flushed Down the Toilet and IB Manages to Stress Me Out Over the Summer...

Did you like my title? Just a warning, prepare for kvetching. I suppose I should begin the story from the beginning.

Today my father enrolled my sister and I. 823 more words

High School

Summertime Sadness

Yes, jellybeans, I am truly sorry for the title. Couldn’t resist. Although my ‘summertime sadness’ doesn’t exactly stem from the breakage of some sickly-sweet romantic ties, I’m obviously heartbroken that these summer months have passed so fleetingly, mainly because I didn’t get to spend more of it doing entirely productive things. 807 more words


How Does Ibsen Construct Around Nora an Atmosphere of Claustrophobia within the Environment Presented In “A Doll’s House”?


In A Doll’s House, the growing crescendo of tension on Nora’s part becomes increasingly more evident as she gradually becomes more aware of the world she has lived and lives in until she finally makes the connection between her life with that of a “doll’s”. 438 more words


School is doing very little to help me cope with my anxiety about the future. Last Thursday my school had “Reality University.” It was designed to be a wake up call for all the unrealistic children like me. 532 more words

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