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Getting more out of sunny days

(Source: news.nus.edu.sg)

SERIS’ new solar panel is more durable and produces up to 40 per cent more electric power than existing modules

The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) 426 more words

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Let the freak out commence...

Monday I went for my ultrasound.

It was much more uncomfortable than the one performed on my left breast a month ago. The report was marked “stat” so they would be read within 24 hours. 255 more words



April 14, 2017 is the day I will have a consultation with the general surgeon.

I got the call Monday after another appointment with my doctor didn’t go as planned. 123 more words


March 28th

As I predicted, I am not sleeping tonight. There are currently seven tabs open on my computer, each with a different resource, a different story or different google image searches that I’ve been scouring over for hours. 215 more words



It’s been 7 days on the antibiotics I was given.

Today, I went back to the doctor. She bounded into the room with a lovely, cheerful smile on her face. 228 more words


After the Breast Cancer Battle

“No evidence of disease” your doctor tells you.  You are cancer-free  – but your mind doesn’t connect the words.

You have just been through over two years of chemotherapy, radiation, CTScans, Tests, blood drawn enough to fill a gallon container, sleepless nights, exhaustion, hair loss, fatigue,  fear and it is all summarized by that one sentence – “No evidence of disease”. 127 more words