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#ColoradoRiver: "Killing the #Colorado" spotlights new solutions -- American Rivers #COriver

From American Rivers (Sinjin Eberle):

I have noticed a lot of chatter lately about the situation at Lake Mead. Dramatic overuse, prolonged drought, and the effects of increased temperatures have led to a historically low volume of water stored in the largest reservoir on the Colorado River.

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#Colorado #coleg interim committee meets, #conservation at the top of the agenda #COWaterPlan

From The Colorado Independent (Marianne Goodland):

If Colorado hopes to reach its goal of conserving at least 130 billion gallons of water a year by 2050, some of the state’s water utilities will have to step up their evaluation and repairs on aging or corroded water lines.

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Drones help scientists track changing conditions -- The Pueblo Chieftain

From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Early warning of floods coming off wildfire scars to more accurately estimating runoff from snowpack could be improved with drones, the Arkansas Basin Roundtable learned this week.

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Salida Water Festival, Saturday, August 13

From The Mountain Mail (Joe Stone):

The Arkansas Basin Roundtable Public Education, Participation and Outreach workgroup will present the inaugural Salida Water Festival from 11 a.m.

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#COWaterPlan: Conservation easements are being used to protect water

From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Conservation easements have figured prominently in the Arkansas River Basin as a way to offer landowners incentives to retain water rights rather than selling them off the land.

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#Snowpack, #runoff and the #ColoradoRiver Basin -- @MountainTownNew #COriver

From The Mountain Town News (Allen Best):

Eric Kuhn paints a big picture of changing realities in the Southwest

rom his office in Glenwood Springs overlooking the Colorado River, Eric Kuhn has become one of the West’s most prominent thinkers about the intersection of water, climate change, and allocations for farms, factories and cities, including ski towns.

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The Department of Natural Resources grossly misreported the cost of the #COWaterPlan -- The #Colorado Independent

From The Colorado Independent (Marianne Goodland):

Gov. John Hickenlooper’s administration vastly miscalculated the cost of Colorado’s first statewide water plan.

Earlier this month, the Colorado Department of Natural Resources provided The Colorado Independent with the total cost of the state water plan: nearly $6 million.

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