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Colorado Water Plan update #COWaterPlan #ColoradoRiver

From the Craig Daily Press (Tom Ross):

“Overall, 10 million acre-feet of water rises in the mountains of Colorado, annually,” speaker Jay Gallagher told his audience.

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Colorado Water

California drought holds lessons for Colorado -- the Colorado Independent #COWaterPlan

From the Colorado Independent (Bob Berwyn):

Coloradans are watching California dreams turn to dust during an unrelenting four-year drought. There, the only way some people can get water is off the backs of delivery trucks.

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Water bosses fish for good ideas in 24,000-plus #COWaterPlan comments -- the Colorado Independent

From the Colorado Independent (Bob Berwyn):

Thousands who commented on Colorado’s draft water plan will be surprised to learn that their letters, postcards and emails may be discounted by at least one of the 15 water bosses working on the issue.

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Garfield County Commissioners hope West Slope says "Not one more transmountain drop" #COWaterPlan #ColoradoRiver

Click through to listen to an interview with Jim Pokrandt from Aspen Public Radio (Marci Krinoven). Here’s an excerpt:

The commissioners are organizing a meeting of Western Slope elected leaders to draw up a unified message ahead of the completion of Governor Hickenlooper’s statewide water plan.

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The Ouray County Water Users Association hopes to score $50,000 in grant dough for engineering #ColoradoRiver

From the Ouray County Plain Dealer (Sheridan Block):

Making an effort to be prepared for the state’s uncertain water future, Ouray County water users are taking necessary measures to protect their supply.

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Colorado Corn weighs in on Water Plan -- High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal #COWaterPlan

From Colorado Corn via the High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal:

Colorado Corn representatives sent a letter to state officials recently, weighing in on the current draft of the Colorado Water Plan to help make sure agriculture is appropriately represented in this critical conversation.

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