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How BlueMix can help in a Natural Disaster

A few minutes back the news headline reads “A powerful earthquake has struck south Asia, with tremors felt in northern Pakistan, India and Afghanistan”. Natural Disasters are becoming a commonplace.  365 more words

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InfoSphere DataStage – XVI (Business Glossary)

Let’s now talk about why would an enterprise need a Business Glossary?

I have spoken about it in my previous blog.

But in short:

  • Business Glossary brings understanding, consistency, and trust in information to any application or context.
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WebSphere Transformation Extender vs DataStage

There is a question that comes up once a while … comparison between WebSphere Transformation Extender and DataStage. What is better for what? In this blog I wish to describe some of my understandings based on some experts whom I hear. 496 more words

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IBM Leading in Data Quality Landscape

I was going through some interesting posts where I can across the following comparative graph on the Landscape to Data Quality tools. IBM is cited as one of the main data quality vendors based on InfoSphere Information Server’s technology breadth and market strength. 9 more words

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InfoSphere DataStage – IX (Blue Print Director)

Information integration and transformation is a part of every organization. Introduction of new systems or changes to infrastructure or business processes require that the information is restructured, moved, or distributed in new ways. 308 more words

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InfoSphere DataStage – VI (How about ELT / EII?)

In my last blog, I took a digression from speaking about InfoSphere Information Server and discussed what is ETL. Since the digression has already taken place, I think it is a good time to discuss some “somewhat similar” concepts called ELT & EII. 500 more words

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Test Automation using RFT

Still I’m in ma early  days of ma work at virtusa, I’m working on a IBM Project and to start with I have been asked to write test scripts to automate IBM Information Server using RFT (Rational Functional Tester). 514 more words

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