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ASTA Color and IC Color of Paprika and Oleoresin Spices

“The pungency for red peppers and the color value for the paprikas are the most

important parameters. Hot peppers, used as relishes, pickled or ground into a fine powder for use as spices, derive their pungency from the compound capsaicin (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-enamide), a substance characterized by acrid and burning taste, that is located in the internal partitions of the fruit. 1,044 more words

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Let none doubt the worth of merchants.

I could not return to my family’s farm, for fear that the lord’s men would find me, but nonetheless I feared for my family’s safety – brothers, uncles and cousins all stay under the lord’s sway, while I left. 83 more words

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The traveler's cause

There is no reason to come to Shusblem, for any man who holds his health in high regard. The burning summers, the frigid winters, and the filth of the slums all contribute to ill health. 58 more words

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Knowing people

One might learn to trust someone in Shusblem. A face in the crowd turns into an acquaintance, turns into a friend, turns into a companion. Nevertheless it is not the same as in the countryside. 77 more words

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Fish, Ponds and Kings

It hasn’t been all that long, really

I just came to Shusblem, thinking that I’d not be found among the crowds. So far, that is true enough. 102 more words

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There is no time like Winter in Shusblem. One might say other times are better, but there is no time like it.

The domes of great halls and houses hide beneath the white caps of snow and ice which sit on them like hair on an old man’s head. 120 more words

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