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Who Provoked Pickering Petunia Incident?

This is the provocative flyer circulated by Ryde’s Bill Pickering in the lead up to last week’s Ryde by-election.

Save Ryde did attempt to include a photo of the flyer in a previous post titled… 219 more words


A Funny Take On The Pickering "Punch" & Petunia Entanglement By A Rare Competent SMH Journo

Pretty entertaining, especially Pickering's comment that "Everything's OK neurologically". We're pleased he's happy with his self-diagnosis, but from all reports he wasn't allowed to stay at the hospital long enough to do any self-serve brain scans.

Special Report: The hunt for online predators

KIMT NEWS 3 – You may think horrific crimes against children don’t happen in our area, unfortunately that’s not the truth.  Just ask those police officers who work on the cases, like Mason City Police Officer Jeremy Ryal.  700 more words


Special Report: Abducted by an online predator

KIMT News 3 – When you hear the term, child exploitation, the severity of the crimes that term covers may not hit you right away.  But the crimes are serious, everything from child pornography, to sexual abuse, abductions, and sex trafficking. 983 more words


Barry O'Farrell Can't Recall Anything After Accepting A Drink From A Young Lib At A Uni Party

The faltering memory of former NSW premier Barry O’Farrell has again made headlines after he confessed he could not remember anything at all since a university party back in the late 1970s when a Young Liberal offered him a drink. 363 more words


ICAC interviews Hunter residents over Huntlee development near Branxton

Very good to see ICAC investigating this planning debacle.  The public deserves a full explanation of how a project aiming to place 20,000 people in urban sprawl, nowhere near jobs and which will clear endangered bushland, came to be approved in the first place. 432 more words