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Why this July 7th is so important (and all remaining days till then even more so)

It’s two and a half minutes to midnight. Then it all ends. That pale blue dot Carl Sagan once described will be gone. I mean, the pale blue dot might still be there, but we will all be gone. 547 more words


When times get tough

Recently I have had to ask the academics I have worked for as a research assistant for references. I have been applying to research jobs because that is the skill set I have and I did not get into the professional program I wanted (although fingers are still crossed for the call to get off the waitlist). 322 more words

Day 5 and Day 6

Day 5 – (I am a slacker) I am greatful for the opportunity to achieve my medical education

As much as studying sucks sometimes, I have to reflect on how grateful I am that I get to pursue my dream to become a doctor. 78 more words


Day 4 (ish)

I can set my mind to something and finish my goals

After a crazy, wonderful, long weekend in New Orleans I stopped taking these five minutes for these posts. 77 more words


Day 3

I can remain calm in times of stress.

Even though I had a quiz today, my biggest stressor was making my flights from Omaha to Denver to New Orleans despite snow at my layover. 67 more words


Day 2

I will always remember the good times grilling with friends.

Despite having a quiz tomorrow, we decided to grill out and chill on the rooftop of my buddy’s apartment. 7 more words


Day 1

I will never take the ability to run for granted.

Low 70s in the middle of February makes for a great running day. Not everyone can throw on their shoes and disappear for 45 minutes due to disability, pain, time, etc. 8 more words