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Knowing Now What I Wish I Had Known Before

They say hindsight is 20/20.  It seems unfair.  Knowing what could of been done or should of been done differently is some days what makes it hardest to keep putting one foot in front of another. 2,483 more words

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A simple tweak could unlock the Web for millions of people

International Corporation for Assigned Names

By MIT Technology Review


The letters to the right of the dot in a URL look harmless, but for many users they’re a barrier. 197 more words

Information Technology

struggles of my past

like I have mentioned before I have struggled with my weight for a long time! believe it or not I actually lost quite a bit of weight a few years ago but I gained it back sadly. 243 more words

Weight Loss Journey

UN treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons: the chair of the conference is confident that it can be concluded by 7th July

ICAN reports that two decades of paralysis in multilateral nuclear disarmament efforts have ended as representatives from more than 130 governments began work. More than 800 elected representatives from 42 nations helped ICAN to build support for this UN process by signing their… 410 more words

Nuclear Weapons

Why this July 7th is so important (and all remaining days till then even more so)

It’s two and a half minutes to midnight. Then it all ends. That pale blue dot Carl Sagan once described will be gone. I mean, the pale blue dot might still be there, but we will all be gone. 547 more words


When times get tough

Recently I have had to ask the academics I have worked for as a research assistant for references. I have been applying to research jobs because that is the skill set I have and I did not get into the professional program I wanted (although fingers are still crossed for the call to get off the waitlist). 322 more words

Day 5 and Day 6

Day 5 – (I am a slacker) I am greatful for the opportunity to achieve my medical education

As much as studying sucks sometimes, I have to reflect on how grateful I am that I get to pursue my dream to become a doctor. 78 more words