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Episode 005: yHate Sam's Boyfriend (feat. special guest Gaelen Izatt-Galloway)


On today’s episode Josh & Kyle are joined by special guest, friend of the show, Gaelen!

We talk about Spencer having sex in the woods, the… 43 more words


Shows that should return to Television (Nickelodeon Edition)

These shows either got too little screen life or were cut off too soon due to various reasons. Either way they should come back to television to either continue to wrap up some serious plot points or just by popular demand. 338 more words


Episode 004: yWill Date Freddie


Full disclosure: One of us was high during the recording of this episode.

Like extremely, Ridiculously, EMBARRASSINGLY high!

That will go a long way to explain how we end up imagining that Carly and Sam secretly pine for each other, that Spencer and Freddie are engaged in some underage boy lovin’ and that Freddie’s Mom may have date raped Mr. 9 more words

Dan Schneider

Episode 003: yWanna Stay With Spencer



Josh and Kyle (despite having done the VTAN Podcast for well over a year) are still trying to get the hang of making… 36 more words

Dan Schneider

By Sydney B.

Who loves Orange Soda? …Kel loves Orange Soda!

Speaking of the color orange, it seems that Kel just can’t get enough of it since he’s returned to Nickelodeon!

156 more words
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Episode 001: yPilot


It’s finally here!
On the first episode of The whyCarly Podcast, Kyle gives us a thoroughly detailed explanation of what he thinks iCalry is about and then he and Josh watch and discuss iPilot.

Dan Schneider