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N. Korea claims successful rocket engine test

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SEOUL • North Korea has successfully tested a new high-powered rocket engine, according to state media yesterday, a move designed to showcase its progress towards being able to target the US east coast. 432 more words

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Russia test-fires Topol inter-continental ballistic missile


MOSCOW, September 9 /TASS/. A Topol intercontinental ballistic missile has been successfully test-fired from Russia’s Plesetsk launch site, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday. 131 more words

Autonomous Weapons

Autonomy results from delegation of a decision to an authorized entity to take action within specific boundaries. An important distinction is that systems governed by prescriptive rules that permit no deviations are automated, but they are not autonomous. 1,992 more words

North Korea 3 Mobile Launched Nuclear Capable ICBMs Test Firing

KCTV – North Korea 3 Mobile Launched Nuclear Capable ICBMs Test Firing. North Korea’s submarine-based ballistic test missile flew 500 kilometers, reaching further than any of its previous test missiles


Low Yield Hot Take: Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice

After watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Nuclear Injustice, the movie made some “interesting” choices for how to portray nuclear weapons, but probably not enough nonsense for a whole episode. 448 more words

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TDISH: A Tragedy of the Cold War

On August 9, 1965, a tragedy struck the small city of Searcy, Arkansas – home to a United States Air Force missile silo.  At this installation, home to Titan II ICBMs, a large number of civilians were working on the silo when a fire was started by a welding torch.  100 more words

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Russia Defense Report: Sarmat Heavy ICBM


While this weapon system is still currently “under the radar” (no pun intended…) of the Western media, one can rest assured that once it starts flight tests in earnest, it will be paraded as Exhibit A in the propaganda indictment of “Russian aggression.” Therefore it might be worthwhile to pre-empt the usual media barrage by placing a spotlight on what promises to be a revolutionary weapon system capable of changing the global balance of power. 666 more words