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China confirms another test of new long-range missile

China’s Defence Ministry on Thursday indirectly confirmed a report it had carried out another test of a new intercontinental missile.

The Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday reported that China had on April 12 again tested a new long-range missile called the DF-41. 379 more words

Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile

ICBM: A rocket that blasts into space and arcs back down into the atmosphere to arrive at your target destination. Does it have potential as a passenger craft? 170 more words


North Korea tests engine technology for ICBM

North Korea boasts new test of engine technology for intercontinental ballistic missile system . . . 124 more words


China’s New DF-41 MIRV ICBM Uninterceptable by US Missile Defense

On March 29, I posted SCMP’s report “China’s top new long-range missile ‘may be deployed this year’, putting US in striking distance” on possible Chinese deployment of its new ICBM DF-41. 253 more words

Trump vs. Kim Jong Un

There are times when you just have to sit back and let the world pass you by or you can’t get to sleep. Bedtime is my time to grind teeth in angst. 643 more words

China’s top new long-range missile ‘may be deployed this year’, putting US in striking distance

China will put its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile into service as early as this year, according to a regional defence magazine.

The DF-41, which was described by Washington as the world’s longest-range missile, has entered its final test phase, according to Canada-based Kanwa Asian Defence. 395 more words