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Low Yield Hot Take: Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice

After watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Nuclear Injustice, the movie made some “interesting” choices for how to portray nuclear weapons, but probably not enough nonsense for a whole episode. 448 more words

Comic Book Movie

TDISH: A Tragedy of the Cold War

On August 9, 1965, a tragedy struck the small city of Searcy, Arkansas – home to a United States Air Force missile silo.  At this installation, home to Titan II ICBMs, a large number of civilians were working on the silo when a fire was started by a welding torch.  100 more words

This Date In Strange History

BPDM Typhoon-M, ένα ειδικό όχημα για την προστασία των πυραυλικών δυνάμεων της Ρωσίας

Το Typhoon-M είναι ένα ρωσικό ειδικό θωρακισμένο όχημα αναγνωρίσεων, το οποίο τέθηκε σε χρήση από τις Ρωσικές Ένοπλες Δυνάμεις το 2013, για να υποστηρίζει με τις δυνατότητές του αποκλειστικά μονάδες στρατηγικών πυραυλικών συστημάτων. 78 more words


IMF to offer IVF grants to IBM's ICBM Builders in USA in Most Acronymed Story in History

by Abey Seedy

In possibly the most acronym laden story since CBT became widely available on the NHS (though how cock and ball torture helps anyone is beyond me) the IMF have offered fertility grants to workers from computer firm IBM who are assisting the USA build a new generation of ICBMs. 158 more words


China confirms another test of new long-range missile

China’s Defence Ministry on Thursday indirectly confirmed a report it had carried out another test of a new intercontinental missile.

The Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday reported that China had on April 12 again tested a new long-range missile called the DF-41. 379 more words

Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile

ICBM: A rocket that blasts into space and arcs back down into the atmosphere to arrive at your target destination. Does it have potential as a passenger craft? 170 more words


North Korea tests engine technology for ICBM

North Korea boasts new test of engine technology for intercontinental ballistic missile system . . . 124 more words