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Russia to re-start launches of ‘Satan’ ICBM

Russia plans to re-start trial launches of the RS-20 Voyevoda Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, after converting the Dnepr missile, also known by NATO as “Satan.” Russia now possesses 60 such missiles which, over the next five years, will be withdrawn from service. 640 more words

Russia may resume launches of Satan ICBMs for civilian purposes


Russia plans to resume launches of RS-20 Voevoda intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) under the Dnepr program, which is designed to combine the disposal of ICBMs and the placement of civilian payloads into orbit, the Russian Defense Ministry told Interfax-AVN on July 23. 63 more words

Russia Will Knock Out US Missile Shield Installations If Attacked – General

If attacked, Russia will respond with retaliatory strikes at US missile defense installations wherever they may be in the world, Russia’s former Strategic Missile Forces’ commander warned on Tuesday. 103 more words

Russia Puts Eight ICBMs Into Service

Eight intercontinental ballistic missiles have been put into service in Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces in the second quarter of 2015, the country’s Deputy Minister of Defense Yuriy Borisov said Thursday. 49 more words

Thirty years for Topol is not age

The accumulated experience in the development and operation of mobile ground systems with medium-range missiles allowed the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology-based intercontinental ballistic missile solid fuel silo-based RT-2P (8K98P) to create a new mobile missile system with an intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM (15ZH58). 124 more words

Why is This Man Smiling?

Why is this man smiling?

In the coming week, I will post a long piece on the RS-26 Rubezh–its murky regulation under New START and relationship to INF; its central role in the coming NATO-Russia escalation; and for other purposes.   671 more words