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Diversity in Australia, but why not the World Cup?

Encouraging participation figures have emerged from Cricket Australia’s latest census, with diversity being attributed for the recent success.  This again begs the question, why have the International Cricket Council reduced the World Cup 2019 from 14 nations to 10?  444 more words

Why is Ali Dawabsheh Dead? On Price Tag Attacks

Ali Saad Dawabsheh was only 18 months old when Israeli settlers who entered his village of Douma to carry out a so-called “price tag… 190 more words

Benjamin Netanyahu

When It All Just Clicks - The The Mental Barriers To Finding Form

Every batsman whether an International cricketer of 100 test matches or a high level club cricketer will have experienced the highs and lows, along with the ebbs and flows of form and timing. 1,028 more words


A Five Day Test - A Thing of The Past in The Aggressive Era

Five days, a working week to many. In a sense of game time this should be no different for a test cricketer. In England their games start primarily on Thursday’s meaning there is a culmination in their working week by Monday. 860 more words

No More Coin Toss In Cricket

(Note : This article is for fun and entertainment purposes only, and is not meant to be taken seriously. This is for folks to kick back with a relaxing article, after a hard day’s work of watching cricket. 706 more words

Man United at the Soldier Field

When will I get a chance to see these clubs play… Next stop is Old Trafford!

A couple thoughts after the PSG vs. United game… 364 more words

Football On The Pitch

This is George

This is George; possibly the most well flown paragliding giraffe in the world. He’s been cold in the Owens Valley in California where he survived without oxygen at 4800m ASL and descended under a reserve parachute there too (without complaining or injury). 765 more words

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