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Can Ice Climber be in Smash 4?

The Ice Climbers, though from a forgettable NES game, were a well loved duo in the Smash Brothers series. So much so that their exclusion, due to technical issues with the 3DS version, has brought upon a lot of disappointment and discussion. 898 more words


Fan Creates Wonderfully Detailed Custom Ice Climbers Amiibo

A talented Nintendo fan has created a superbly intricate custom Ice Climbers amiibo figure. Reddit user Mast3r Sword posted the finished product – complete with front and back box design made from scratch – to the social networking site, along with a link to photographs of his creation. 127 more words


A to Z Challenge: (I)ce Climbers

First off, kudos to my husband for this one. I was having a horrible time thinking of an “I” entry for my video game theme and then he came up with this gem. 750 more words

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Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U: Three Realistic DLC Possibilities

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was no April Fool to Super Smash Bros. fans, that’s for sure. With a confirmation date for Mewtwo and an announcement for an additional DLC character, … 467 more words

Ice Climbers

Tiffany Falls in the snow and ice climbers

A few years ago, on a whim, for a Fine Art Photography school project, friends and I ventured down to Tiffany Falls to see what we could capture. 94 more words


Learn How to Wobble in Minutes!

In an obvious attempt to land myself a permanent place on Juggleguy’s shitlist (kappa), I bring you a quick and easy guide on how to learn the technique of wobbling in pretty much just a single practice session. 596 more words


Ice Climb on Niagara Falls

This morning I read about two ice climbers, Will Gadd and Sarah Hueniken who scaled the first ever ice climb of Niagara Falls. One of my most viewed posts is about about Niagara Falls when I was there with my German cousin three summers ago. 45 more words

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