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Climbing Lessons With the Ice Climbers

In Smash they showed us how great a team they make and now they’re doing the same with Super Mario Maker, the Ice Climbers have landed and they waste no time in scaling a deadly icy mountain. 282 more words

Wii U

Ice Climbers to Climb the Ice Mountain of Super Mario Maker

The pair were sorely missed in the recent instalment of Smash, but Nintendo have decided to bring back the Ice Climbers, but this time as a costume for… 134 more words

Wii U

Ice Climbers Come To Mario Maker

Popo and Nana, the mountain-scaling heroes of Ice Climber for the NES, are making their way to Super Mario Maker this week in the form of a new costume. 8 more words


Ice Climbers Join Super Mario Maker

The Ice Climbers have been announced to join Super Mario Maker as a mystery mushroom costume. When the event course goes live later this week, complete the stage and the costume will be yours to use. 11 more words

Can Ice Climber be in Smash 4?

The Ice Climbers, though from a forgettable NES game, were a well loved duo in the Smash Brothers series. So much so that their exclusion, due to technical issues with the 3DS version, has brought upon a lot of disappointment and discussion. 898 more words