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Foie Gras Ice Cream

We love foie gras and I was curious to try and make foie gras ice cream. I looked at some recipes on-line, but found none that made sense to me. 500 more words


Lychee Ice Cream

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2017 with delicious food and wine. As my first contribution to this, I present to you homemade lychee ice cream.  543 more words


#avaeats Holiday Gift Guide: Day 23

My dad loved ice cream, and I mean loved, but it had to have texture. He got me in he habit of putting cornflakes in plain vanilla ice cream. 56 more words


Spiced Pear Ice Cream (Stoofperenijs)

This is the last post in a trilogy of posts with the recipes of the components for the dessert that I served at game & wine dinner parties over the last three Saturdays: … 492 more words


Homemade Fig and Vanilla Ice cream

If I was asked what dessert was my favorite, ice cream would certainly be on top of that list. I mean, it’s sweet and cold; it melts in your mouth with delightfulness. 610 more words


Make your own ice cream maker

This is a teeny bit more complex than our usual DIY, but it looks like fun to try to do.


Lemon Curd Ice Cream

I had to try my original ice cream recipe again, it just wasn’t quite perfect yet and needed another experiment.  So, out with the ice-cream maker again!   289 more words