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2 Ingredient-Mango Sorbet

With the sun out and temperatures starting to rise, I have been craving a nice sorbet. If I was completely honest, I would mention that I love ice cream all year long (we even had a sorbet Yule log for Christmas), but really, the 28C we reached today is the perfect excuse to pull out the ice cream maker I got for my birthday. 307 more words


Vegan Coconut Pistachio Ice Cream

Cost: $

Prep Time: 2 days (including chill time)

Special equipment: ice cream maker

Two weeks ago, I finally finished up eight consecutive years of college. 606 more words



I love ice cream and other sweet concoctions. I can never say no to any of them. It is not heathy for me to have sugary food. 237 more words

Daily Prompt

Mango Ice Cream

Most trips to our local farmer’s market leave me shaking my head at grocery store produce prices. Like me, you may have always reasoned that grocery store produce is fresher, giving them cause to charge double or triple the price, oftentimes even more, of the farmer’s market. 692 more words


Time for ice cream.... my new (to me) ice cream maker

The weather has really changed this week and, with temperatures increasing every day, it’s the perfect time for ice lollies and ice cream. While I’ve always struggled with home made ice lollies (and getting them out of the moulds) I have been on the lookout for an ice cream maker for the past year as I really want to make my own at home. 173 more words

Charity Shops

What I Learned In March

I have been introduced to Amazon review trader, a site where amazon will give you a great discount or even free products if you go back and give them an honest review. 235 more words


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Since getting an ice cream maker I’ll use any excuse to try out some new recipes, I like to try and make different flavours of frozen yoghurt – somehow I feel less guilty enjoying a tub of that than the real stuff! 499 more words