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The Ice Cream dream

She asked – what is bliss ? So I took her to the ice cream fiesta. But little did she knew what she was about to witness.  35 more words

Ice Cream Rolls Sensation.

The latest food craze in Singapore : Instant ice-cream rolls. This ice-cream dish originated from a street vendor in Thailand and was made popular by viral videos posted by tourists on social media sites. 199 more words


Happy National Ice Cream Day

It’s National Ice Cream Day! It’s the one day of the year when everyone seems to be in a good mood. People pass each other on the street with greetings of, “Happy National Ice Cream Day” and “Have a great Ice Cream Day” or “Merry Ice Cream Day to you.” Carolers delight all with their ice cream songs while strolling by houses adorned with ice cream decorations. 153 more words


The World's Biggest Ice Cream

I wanted to update you on a blog I wrote last week about British Chef Heston Blumenthal’s attempt to create the world’s biggest ice cream. 122 more words

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The United Kingdom's Second Biggest Summer Event

In 30 days, the United Kingdom will be the focus of the world as Olympic athletes begin competing in London’s 2012 games. In just 4 days (and 26 days before the Olympics), an… 158 more words


Ice Cream Burger

Last summer I blogged about a hamburger that was topped with a scoop of ice cream. Not to be outdone, sibling restaurant chains Hardee’s and… 58 more words

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Mad Ice Cream Scientist

The straight truth. Most of those wacky ice cream novelties out there are created to generate buzz. A business or manufacturer hopes to grab media attention for the brand which will translate to more sales. 205 more words

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