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Fried Ice Cream rolls from Singapore

This is my first video. It featured how the fruity ice cream is made from milk. It originates from Thailand and is now in Singapore. Yum Yum! 140 more words

Fried Ice Cream

Ice Cream Rolls Gone Wild, bro!!!!

Now, if you’re heading down to Chinatown, you might see a sign on Dundas Street for Thai ice cream rolls. I actually tried this delicious dessert last summer… 130 more words

Hogtown Eats

ไอศครีมโรล หรือไอติมทอดบ้านเรา ดังไกลถึงเมืองนอกค่ะ ...

ทำน่าทานจริงๆ นะคะ



เครดิต Ice Cream Rolls

6 more words
15 Minute Meals

10 Below | Chinatown NYC

Most of the fun is watching the rolls being made.
Otherwise, it’s ice cream.
Good graphic design.
Less claustrophobic than my other Chinatown go-to ice cream place, … 6 more words


A Review of STAX’s Cream Rolls

Staff Writer

You’ve seen it before, be it in an Instagram video or in a passing booth at the OC Night Market – it’s the ice cream rolls! 480 more words

Sword And Shield

Absolute Zero Ice Cream Rolls into Montclair

      Absolute Zero Ice Cream assembles intriguing Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. If you are craving a brief escape from the bitter cold temperatures and a delicious taste of summertime, then be sure to check out… 421 more words

Hello -8C Ice Cream!

How are you going to roll this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to get “Lost in Thailand” and have a little “Chocolate Love” with your “Minions Lover” or are you simply going to be “Peanut Butter Jealous.” 444 more words

Hello Kitty Foodie