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Eulogy for The Milkman

Anybody under the age of, say, twenty five, might be unaware of the milkman. They may only know them, at best, from old TV shows or as passing references made by their elders. 1,432 more words


Ice Cream Weather

It’s not exactly warm.  The sun keeps disappearing behind the clouds and there’s a cold wind blowing but it’s a beautiful day.  The perfect day for savouring an ice cream while you stroll along the prom, without the risk of it melting too fast. 84 more words


Wakefield and the Ice Cream Conspiracy

We’ve been living in Wakefield for around two and a half months now and whilst it’s not our intention to stay forever, it’s not without its benefits. 503 more words


Teddy Bears' Picnic

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Raggle-taggle music,
straight from a funfair,
roller-coasters in,
as you mope in your lair,
sullenly grooming your
existential despair.

You look out the window: 234 more words


2017 Weekly photo challenge (Week 13) Van

Ok, so this week’s photo challenge word prompt is ‘van’. I’m assuming you don’t want to see a random work’s van parked at the side of a road so I have taken a touch of artistic licence with this one… does this count? 293 more words


little section of an abandoned story

Melody doesn’t know who Mr Boboguard is, but she doesn’t doubt Jake will rat her out the first chance he gets. Still; so far, she’s been lucky. 412 more words