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WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT   ? Go to the med clintic —–cost mucho dinero,  Put hot water pad on it —– that will burn and in crease the pain.    14 more words

Ice Pack Freeze Boards by prepAmeal

We ordered these to replace bulky heavy ice packs that were many years old. As they are slim in dimensions 16.5cm x 11cm x 1.5cm they slot into a cool bag inbetween or down the side of items ensuring the whole bag contents stay cold. 45 more words


You know when, interlude

You know when pain wakes you up, just to sock you in the mouth, that it’s time for that morning cup of kiss-my-ice-pack.

–from the Angry Doctor’s Guide to Sewing, a collection of various sayings from former motorcycle gangsters who have become medical doctors.


Wisdom Teeth

A pair of latex gloves
Pulled the wisdom
From my jaws,
Leaving me with
Nothing but
Bloody gums and
Blood-stained gauze.

Bruises on my face, 60 more words


Been standing at your job all day? Here’s a tip to help your feet!

What’s the best way to ease sore and tired feet after a long day? Wrap a frozen water bottle in a towel, and roll it back and forth for about 5 minutes under each foot. 22 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

"Breaking My Left Wing: Reporting for Rehab-Days 2 and 3"

Friday, 2/3/17  Day 2

TMI Sports Medicine

Well, after having lived through Day 1 and practiced all seven exercises from the handout Shelby, the  PT student gave me, I showed up at the gym medicated to the gills but nonetheless sparkly-eyed and ready to go. 798 more words

By Her Daughter's Hands

A Fish Story

My friend Al retired a few years ahead of me. He taught elementary school. He kept fish in his classroom and loved to teach his students about fish aquaculture. 207 more words