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Many resources online look at Emo and Goth art and offer

Photoshop can also be used to create drawings reflecting Goth and Emo concepts in jewelry designs. The first step is to duplicate the background layer. Heat transfer is perfect for elaborate designs, especially if you are not into screen printing. 538 more words

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Master of Disaster

You may have noticed that for a running blog there is actually very little running happening right now.

It started with damage to my Peroneus Brevis tendon which I don’t recommend. 557 more words


1 step forward, 2 steps back...!

I am now 8 weeks PO and imagined I’d feel better than I did last week.  The week started off well, the first week back at work went fine actually, I felt really tired but I managed ok.  495 more words


It was this wealth that was to bring about the tradition of the Venetian mask. This Republic was small, with a population in the region of 150,000 people. 682 more words

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This method works to calculate the number of Networks or Subnets

01101001. To determine the range of the IP address, separate the host id from the Network and Subnet IDs.255.00000001 Subnet Mask 11111111.111 00000.0.11111110 = 181. The IP Address is separated between the last 1 and the first 0.00000000 Network/Subnet IDs Host ID Without changing the Network / Subnet Ids, figure the smallest and largest host numbers available.00010001 181.) we can break a standard Class “B” network into 30 Subnets each containing 2046 Hosts.248. 274 more words

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Global Cold Pain Therapy Market is estimated to reach $1,185 Million by 2024

Global Cold Pain Therapy Market is estimated to reach $1,185 Million by 2024; growing at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2016 to 2024. The cold pain therapy comprises the usage of cold ingredients in pain relief. 483 more words


3 weeks ago today!

So, this time 3 weeks ago I was laid up at my parents house with a totally numb foot with no idea what the next 3 weeks would be like!  394 more words