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"Breaking My Left Wing: Reporting for Rehab-Days 2 and 3"

Friday, 2/3/17  Day 2

TMI Sports Medicine

Well, after having lived through Day 1 and practiced all seven exercises from the handout Shelby, the  PT student gave me, I showed up at the gym medicated to the gills but nonetheless sparkly-eyed and ready to go. 798 more words

By Her Daughter's Hands

A Fish Story

My friend Al retired a few years ahead of me. He taught elementary school. He kept fish in his classroom and loved to teach his students about fish aquaculture. 207 more words


Days 9 to 11 - Turning the Corner

On day 9, I took a towel bath and, with my mom’s help, washed my  hair in the kitchen sink and I felt so much better. 280 more words


Greatest life tips and handy hacks

1. Ultimate elevator hack.

To go directly to your floor, press and hold the CLOSE >|< button before the doors close. Press and hold the button for your floor while still pressing the >|< button. 281 more words

Amazing Facts

Yo-Yo fitness happens ! 

yo-yo fitness by the looks !

It seems November and the icey weather triggers the trial running season, my strava tells me as my pb was set 3 years ago today (30th) on the canal path ! 69 more words

Fitness Campaign

It doesn't help that ASL for "dentist" looks like some of J's SIB...

The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.  J has admitted he has a problem.  That didn’t stop him from enjoying his ham soup last night, and it didn’t stop him from enjoying his omelet this morning, but he knows he has to go to the TOOTH DOCTOR on Thursday. 692 more words

Autism, Parent Commentary

This could be as simple (and as complicated) as a wisdom tooth...

Yesterday was a gloriously quiet day.  Today? Not so much.

A side of J’s face is swollen, and he has asked for Tylenol.  I gave him an ice pack.   108 more words

Autism, Parent Commentary