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March 29th - Raillery

Raillery – n 1: good-natured ridicule: banter 2: jest

My head throbbed. I readjusted the ice pack on the baseball sized lump. The team were engrossed in their raillery and greasy pizza, both of which made me nauseous. 70 more words

365 Words Challenge

Let's talk ice packs

The ice pack to end the search for ice packs.
you may never need another ice pack again.

Yeah yeah we can all make some ice in a bag..blah blah blah but how about when it starts to leak?or better yet, when it’s so stiff it won’t even go round the bit of your body that needs icing! 520 more words

On Ice

Is it ironic,
The ice-pack now on my foot,
Is the one I dropped?


(Irony, or coincidence?)

Everyday Poems

How To Make An Ice Pack

Hey Y’all! I hope you had a good weekend! Today I want to keep it light and easy. I want to share an ultra-quick recipe to make a completely awesome ice pack.   139 more words

Back Ice Pack

When I was in Arizona back in August, my grandfather’s lower back was a little sore and he pulled out this crazy-looking ice pack that strapped around his waist.  639 more words


7 Home Remedies for Bruises

Bruises are common type of injury. Bruises are often painful and can even be unsightly. A bruise occurs when you had a blow or force, which causes the blood vessels to break near the surface of the skin. 451 more words