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Ice Boy Wants Out

Ice Boy wants out. Enough of living in an ice cube. There has to be more to life than sub-zero temperatures, icicles and snow.

He wants change, something different. 152 more words


Volunteers Salvage Blacktip Island Continuing Education Program

The Blacktip Island Theosophy Hall, where most of the island’s adult continuing education classes are being conducted after a local businessman withdrew his financial support for the program. 449 more words

Ice Sculpture at Blackwells: #Kaiapoi Arts Week

A good crowd watching amazing work on a warm nor’west day.


Chillout Ice Lounge - Dubai, UAE

This will be my last post about the UAE (at least until I remember something else or go again one day).

One of the days in Dubai, we didn’t have much planned so we looked up random things to see and do. 145 more words


Inclement Affair

Todd found himself in later years a lonely man with no family or friends, and so he resorted to a mail-order bride website.

Yana didn’t speak English well and didn’t care to learn, so their communication was shoddy at best. 277 more words

Word/Concept/Phrase Prompt

Ice Sculpture Wine Chiller

How fun is this ice bucket made from actual ice? I thought it was going to be an epic flop and although it didn’t turn out perfect, it still exceeded my expectation considering it was the first time I’ve tried it. 606 more words