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Sea level rise in Canada

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post for Science Borealis with my co-editor in the Earth & Environmental Science subject category, Sri Ray-Chauduri. A few new papers had come out looking at both past and potential future sea level rise, and we were interested in figuring out what that meant for Canada’s coastal regions. 505 more words

Watershed Moments 3.0

Global Warming is Closer Than You Think...

My last two post looked at dark matter and one of the physicists that researches this topic: Matthew Buckley. I was fascinated with the information I learned from both my research and interview but for this week I am going to change gears and talk about a topic a little closer to home: … 389 more words

Climate Change

Climate guru James Hansen warns of much worse than expected sea level rise - Oliver Milman in New York Tuesday 22 March 2016 00.01 EDT

Former Nasa researcher and father of climate change awareness says melting of ice sheets could cause ‘several meters’ rise in a century, swamping coastal cities… 188 more words

Point Of Interest

The scientist who first warned of climate change says it's much worse than we thought

The rewards of being right about climate change are bittersweet. James Hansen should know this better than most — he warned of this whole thing… 1,557 more words

Climate & Energy

11: Ice Sheets – Melting

There is a nastiness that structures our cul­ture that makes me ashamed of being human. There is a great engine of selfishness somewhere deep in the bowels of things that stirs some to foster for others the strangest of attitudes. 271 more words



-15° on a day such as this is uncommonly deceptive. Believe it or not I witnessed more than one young water bird fluttering and diving in and out of the water between these thin ice sheets. 35 more words


Using the past to inform the future: the role of palaeoglaciology

The study of glaciers and ice sheets has traditionally been split into three communities: those conducting observational research of the present day cryosphere; those developing theory and models to simulate cryospheric processes; and those who use the palaeo record to interpret glaciations of the past. 896 more words