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Ice in Greenland and Antarctica

Penguins are aquatic flightless birds that live primarily in the Southern Hemisphere, mostly in Antarctica.  There are 17 variations of the penguin ranging from the Emperor Penguin to the Galapagos Penguin to the African Penguin, etc. 637 more words

With Ice, Please...

With this much ice on the planet there is no logical reason to ever settle for a Dr. Pepper served at room temperature.


But what about East Antarctica….

By many people, Antarctica is imagined as a remote, secluded, barren continent. In reality, it is a beautiful, mysterious and fascinating land that we know relatively little about. 495 more words

Climate Change

Why Do the Ice Sheets Change & How Cold is Cold?

We then looked at the fact that it is so cold in the Arctic that the sea is frozen. In winter the ice sheet gets bigger and in summer the ice sheet shrinks. 16 more words


UTIG Glaciologist Leads Study Of Greenland Ice Sheet Layers

University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) glaciologist Joe MacGregor led a recent study that has produced the first comprehensive map of layers inside the Greenland Ice Sheet. 217 more words


With a Little Help from the Elephant Seals

A problem which has plagued oceanography since the very beginning is a lack of observations. We envy atmospheric scientists with their surface stations and satellite data that monitor virtually the entire atmosphere in real time. 862 more words

Climate Change

Ice in the Arctic and Antarctic is 'not melting', says global warming expert

December 25, 2014 by LEVI WINCHESTER (h/t to Anthony Watts)

THE North and South Poles are “not melting”, according to a leading global warming expert. 784 more words