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Sustainability and Ice Sheets

Reflection by Rachel

PhD Project Title: Rates of Melting of the Large East Antarctic Ice Sheet under Near-Future Environmental Conditions

Sustainability requires meeting the worlds’ populations’ current needs of social progress, economic prosperity and population expansion whilst also ensuring that development can continue long into the future. 867 more words


Polar Bears Are at Top of the Food Chain. They Adapt--See for Yourself

I do not believe in the catastrophe that the global warmers or climate changers like to alarm us to.  I do not believe that man alters the earth’s climate.   562 more words


These freaky maps show what extreme sea-level rise will do to China

Want to know what cities across the globe would look like if all the world’s ice sheet melted? Cartographer Jeffrey Linn has you covered. He’s already drowned a few metropolises, including  314 more words


#frapalymo - Edges of Isolation

Edges of Isolation

Frigid solitude among
Vast stretches of lonely tundra
Is it green
Or blue hues mixed with yellow
Sheets of ice
Slowly melting into… 133 more words


The Surface of the Earth Is Rising Beneath Your Feet

Original post from Bloomberg Business

‘…..byBrian K Sullivan

(Bloomberg) — In the U.S., this past year has had more than enough reminders of how weather can affect our lives. 619 more words


The Winter That Was: Goosey Goosey Gander #4

The Hudson water froze time and again. Whenever there were ice sheets on water, these geese would have a blast swimming in and around these sheets, walking on them, diving into the water from the sheet and so on. 71 more words


This chafing ice sheet is making us really uncomfortable

Friction — can’t live with it; can’t live without it. One minute the fickle force is keeping you from sliding out of your chair; the next, it’s giving you a chafing situation that’ll bring tears to your eyes. 392 more words

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