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March 21st thru 31st

3-21-15 Morning group ice skating lesson. Afternoon playdate with her friends. Her friend Caleb entertained the girls with his fart gun while watching Despicable Me 2. 907 more words


BOOK REVIEW: Push Dick's Button by Dick Button

“A great skater is one who reaches the top, and leaves the sport different and better because they were in it.”
Dick Button

Where do I begin with Figure Skating icon Dick Button??? 563 more words

Figure Skating

Riedell 133 Diamond

The 133 Diamond is sparkling with features. The Riedell 133 has double reinforcement for the support recreational skaters appreciate. The 133 also has leather tongue reinforcement that adds foot protection and boot strength. 66 more words


What are edges, and why are they important?

Contrary to popular understanding, the bottom of an ice skate’s blade is not like the edge of a knife. The blade is, in fact, actually made of two parallel edges with a hollowed-out area in between (on hockey skates and figure skates; the blades on speed skates have a different construction). 518 more words


On Tuesdays, We Go Ice Skating.

Last Tuesday I got a call from one of my students: “Teacher, are you home?” As anyone who has ever worked in Mongolia can tell you, this is not the most thrilling of calls┬áto get, as it’s generally followed up with, “I will come to your home and you will teach me English now,” or “You will come to my home and teach me English now,” or “We will come to your home and have party now.” And you have to respond with “No, sorry, I’m in the middle of cooking dinner,” or “No, sorry, I’m tutoring right now,” or “No, sorry, it’s 2 in the morning, why are you even awake?” So it was with some trepidation that I replied, “Yes, I’m home. 359 more words



That’s all I can say for now, dear followers. My fingers are just thawing out of their frozen state at my ice skating lesson. Spinning and gliding over solidified water is harder than it looks. 11 more words

Everyday Life

Compassion on ice

Last week, we decided to make the most of the eternal winter by going ice skating. Our four-year-old had never been on the ice so I quickly grabbed a support frame for her to push around. 117 more words