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Ice Skating - Part 2: Micky

Michaela Shardlow … Interview

Micky, let’s talk about Ice Skating. I believe you started skating about three at Whitley Bay Ice Stadium.

“That’s correct. Yes.” 3,222 more words


Enraged With My Sister-Part 2- Serves You Right

I’m not a long winded person but this post was so long I broke it up into 2 parts. Here is part 1: Enraged with my sister-Part 1… 824 more words


Enraged With My Sister- Part 1-Les Toilettes

Here is where I sit tonight typing this post enraged….completely enraged while 20-somethings giggle next to me as they lace each others skates up and at the prospect of ice skating. 919 more words


Ice Skating at Yerba Buena


On Friday I went to the ice rink with my friends. We decided to try an activity which is unusual for San Francisco. We wanted to find some place which is not popular for tourists.  260 more words


Inside someone else’s head

This blog is my 49th birthday present to myself, it is my perspective on my world, but sometimes, you just need to listen to what someone else has to say. 1,466 more words

Ice Skating at Poseidon

Poseidon Ice Skating Rink is our favourite place to go skating in the winter.  It has an open roof, which can be retracted when the weather is nice and is open on the sides, making it (in my opinion) less cold than Leuven for example, which is all enclosed and so, so cold even skating around all the time, I go numb.   56 more words

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