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Why Ice Skating Matters

Nowadays, when I’m not at work or at a bookstore, you will find me on the ice. Ice skating is a recent hobby of mine and I started as everyone does; by landing face first on the ice. 393 more words

New Program Debuts from Dreams on Ice

Mai Mihara and Marin Honda among Japanese skaters who perform a competitive program in front of the audience for the first time in Shinyokohama.

Last weekend Team Japan held their annual… 549 more words

Ice Skating

Elena Ilinykh Has a New Partner

The good news: Elena Ilinykh isn’t retiring. The bad: her new partner isn’t very good.

For much of the summer, noone’s been very sure what’s been going on with Elena Ilinykh, one of Russia’s most loved ice dancers. 407 more words

Ice Skating

Princess Chatter

It’s Saturday afternoon, and Neko is over at Princess Aimee’s and Princess Holly’s palace.

“So, have you called Mary-Anne yet? About an ice-skating coach?” Aimee asks. 391 more words


June 1st thru June 30th - 2017

6-1-17 Trump backed out of The Paris Agreement (French: Accord de Paris). are
6-2-17 I canceled her afternoon ice skating lesson today so I could attend Street Yoga Training. 1,941 more words


Top 7 Best Adventure Sports Destinations in India

Adventure sports, we can also call it extreme sports or outdoor sport which is full of thrill and risk which makes these sport an adventure. Performing these types of sport means we are competing against nature. 510 more words

Adventure Places

Ice Skating in Australia

It’s almost the middle of winter in Australia, and each Australian city has their own activities lined up for the season. Brisbane’s winter wonderland is in full swing, particularly with an ice skating rink outside City Hall. 238 more words