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The Deep Freeze.

Earlier today I missed an opportunity to attend a free Lightroom workshop at B&H due to my inability to deal with the freezing temperatures. A deal was brokered between myself and   Mother Nature that clearly stated “If you are continuously thrown snow, ice, slush and 20 degree temperatures at me on a weekly basis.” “I will no longer treat you like a like lady and refuse to continue spitting in to your wind gusts.”  I’m sick of it and I will fight cabin fever by cranking up the heat while dancing around in a swim suit and skuba gear.                   38 more words

New Jersey

Chris & Luke in the studio!!!!

Chris & Luke Appleton talk to James about Absolva, Iced Earth and solo stuff.

Thrashback Thursday: “Damien” By Iced Earth

Florida’s Iced Earth are a long running institution in the metal world who have straddled almost as many sub-genres as they have had members. Well, OK, that last part is an exaggeration…

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Heavy Metal

My Top 10 Albums of 2014

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for some time now is write about music. I love music; I listen to hours and hours of music, but I never actually write about it. 1,679 more words