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A Taste So Good That You Want To Come Back For More...

Our time in Iceland is coming to an end.

Four days have passed more quickly than we could ever have imagined and to our surprise, even though the weather has been mostly cold, grey, overcast, sometimes rainy and with an added helping of biting gale force winds, even the children are raving about Iceland, wishing that they could stay longer and asking if we could come here again. 483 more words


Askur, Worth Coming Back To Again And Again...

We decided on our February 2014 trip to Iceland that we would take things as easy as possible. This meant that we also wanted to make things easy for our kids and their fussy eating habits. 123 more words


What's on My Backpack

Haloo, long weekend lagi nih, senengnya!! Long wiken kali ini kalian pada ke mana nih? Ajak-ajak dong! Oh iya, saya juga udah jalan-jalan ding, ke Greenland, Kalimantan, Amerika Latin.. 1,027 more words


The Blue Lagoon Is Really Not What We Expected...

Family Kiwidutch went on a whistle-stop four day trip to Iceland in February 2014, and whilst we really aren’t “winter” people and had big reservations about how we would handle a winter trip to a cold country, Iceland has by far exceeded our expectations. 1,069 more words


Eyjafjallajökull, THAT Volcano... But Can YOU Pronounce It's Name?

Cast your mind back a few years to  the summer of  2011 when an until then unknown volcano erupted and created havoc for European and transatlantic flights. 258 more words


Not Cold? Yes, Icelanders Have A Sense Of Humour!

We leave the Eyjafjallajökull visitor centre and make our way back to Reykjavik.

It’s now late afternoon and the light is getting visibly less as we drive back to the capital city. 216 more words


Eyjafjallajökull: The Highlight Of Our Trip...

We leave Iceland’s Seljalandsfoss waterfall and head to the destination that we have been heading for as the last “item” in the travel loop we are taking today. 842 more words