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Golden Circle

Friday, August 25, 2017

Driving in this country is absolutely nuts because every single street name is completely unpronounceable.  When either Mom or I would try to help the other navigate by saying things like “Look for the street that starts with H and has a ‘gata’ at the end,” it wound up being but only so productive.   1,133 more words

Where's Your Inner Viking?

Getting to Greenland: Book Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from my book Out in the Cold, in which we arrive in Greenland and try to sort out what to do next. 1,247 more words


The One Where They Go to Europe

My two best friends from elementary school were very patient as I explained if we were going to travel somewhere I’d like to go somewhere I haven’t been. 447 more words


The Guy Who'll Never Know My Name

That thing occurred during my travels in Iceland.

I didn’t try for it. I am not sure how the events lined up from dawn to dusk but… 1,538 more words


I Don't Speak Icelandic

August 24, 2017

Our first day in Iceland was full of wandering the colorful streets of Reykjavik in the unexpected sunshine.  I enjoyed the small quirks we found in each neighborhood, littered with pedestrians and cafes, restaurants and bars everywhere you turn.  819 more words

Where's Your Inner Viking?

Photos from around the world prove that nature's beauty is in its dizzying scale

A stunning landscape is nothing without a sense of scale, and the most powerful nature photography often plays on a viewer’s feeling of smallness in relation to the mountains, valleys and oceans depicted. 153 more words