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Beauty Clouds 

After wating for over three hours for my connection Flight to London, I finally was able to the beautiful sunny clouds thanks to Icelandair. I was so excited to see how nice and bright it was. 10 more words



I didn’t realized how green the UK during the spring/summer seasons. This was an amazing view from my window seat when flying over England to land in London.


The end of the quarter is nigh.
That means the last week of my students’ blog (unless they feel so into blogging at this point that they just can’t stop.) Which will totally happen. 1,099 more words

Of Vikings and Trolls 

Iceland has been conquered and it’s time to go home to rest and reset before the next big adventure.

In these past ten days my father, brother and I made a full circle around the entire country (which sounds a little less impressive when you realize that Iceland is the size of the state of Illinois) and I can say that I have fully experienced the land of Vikings. 330 more words


Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is definitely my favourite country that we’ve visited, so I think it’s only fitting I start off this new blogging adventure there. And although we spent a week there, you can definitely take in a lot of its capital of Reykjavik in a day. 770 more words

Cafe Loki

On the way to Provence

Getting to Boston’s Logan Airport for the flight to France was sooo easy – metro to South Station, walk around a corner, get on the bus. 667 more words

Travel Stories

How Cold is Iceland: A 5 Day Sojourn

Interesting Factoids:

  • 85% of island is uninhabitable; if you’re not along the coastline, you’re not livin’! 
  • Roughly 90% of Icelanders can trace their ancestry to the first settlers.
  • 720 more words