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Fighting Yhwach! Ichigo's Father - Bleach 673

Bleach 673 see’s the reformation of Gerard as both Rukia and Renji appear in front of Byakuya and Toshiro. All while, everyone feels Ichigo’s Reiatsu grow as he faces Yhwach. 493 more words


Weekly Shonen (5/2/16) Recap & Review

One Piece

Chapter 825

The WE times comic strip

Vito explains Germa 66 

Monster Gun “Vito” explains how he admires Germa 66. He reveals that there is a comic, Sora, Warrior of the sea. 413 more words

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Ichigo Meets Yhwach! Gerard Grows Stronger - Bleach 672

Bleach 672 see’s Gerard getting his head cut clean off by Byakuya’s Senbonzakura, however he just keeps on regrowing even stronger with no weakness in sight. 466 more words


Weekly Shonen (4/10/16)

One Piece

Chapter 822

Descending the elephant

Zunisha’s wound is bandaged by Chopper. Miyagi wonders where Zunisha’s is going, and wants to ask it. Meanwhile, in Kurau City Momonosuke tells Kin’emon that “he wants to stay behind on Zou, to communicate with Zunisha and learn more about the Kozuki family. 453 more words

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Weekly Shonen (3/31/16)

Fairy Tail

Chapter 479

Who you should show the

greatest respect to is.

I criticized the previous chapter for neglecting Lucy and not allowing her to fight on her own. 776 more words

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Bleach Collab REM Review and Analysis

Get your laundry machine ready for all those wet pants. Also, do not forget the Bleach to get all those pesky stains out because the Bleach Collab is finally coming to Puzzle and Dragons North America! 1,696 more words

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