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Bleach Fanfiction, Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Answers

We run down the streets to Urahara’s shop. We occasionally after look like we completely don’t know the naked person running alongside us, or we just smile awkwardly and say, “Don’t mind him!” But thankfully, what with a storm beginning to start, there aren’t very many people out. 907 more words

Weekly Shonen (6/11/15)


Chapter 700+7

Genetic Slaves

Shin reveals that his “sons“, are “just” genetic clones of himself. He tells Sakura that she worry, as they are “ 911 more words

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Bleach 627: The Creation Chapter Assessment

This chapter was somewhat lite, but it did make my heart beat faster. After getting into the Valley of Screams and moving in closer to the Soul King Palace, Ichigo and his group are now about to get out there and face the Quincies once more. 318 more words

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Bleach 626: The Holy Newborn Chapter Assessment

Again, this chapter of Bleach is despairing.

As if I was not used to it. I really should stop expecting Bleach to be comedic now. However, we do see a small dose of funny, chibi moments, but that is all. 224 more words

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Weekly Shonen (5/22/15)


Chapter 627

The Creation

Ichigo and his friends prepare to face off against Yhwach. Yukio surprises everyone when he tells them “that he does not intend to leave the box when they arrive… 478 more words

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Bleach 625: Living Jaguar Chapter Assessment

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is back and he is looking to be in top form! The panther has truly returned!

Not just him, actually. We also see Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, who still has an obvious crush on Ichigo. 289 more words

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Yhwach's Excess Power! Ichigo and Grimmjow - Bleach 626

Bleach 626 mainly concentrates on Yhwach’s intense new power where he’s quickly able to destroy anything and everything that he see’s or wills. Without him, the world would now go to hell. 218 more words

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