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Stand Guard - Ichigo and Orihime

It’s been a while since I last posted an image of Ichigo and Orihime, the couple I hope to see forge at the end of Bleach. 77 more words

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Bleach 620: Where Do You Stand Chapter Assessment

This chapter of Bleach is one that focuses on a specific moment, making it seem like a slow story progression. However, with the action sequences, it would seem fast-paced. 219 more words

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Ishida Shoots Down Ichigo! Yhwach Absorbs Mimihagi - Bleach 620

Bleach 620 see’s a possible conclusion between the sides which Ishida and Ichigo belong too, which are complete opposites, as Ishida shoots down Ichigo as well as Orihime and others to the ground. 548 more words

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Bleach 619: The Betrayer Chapter Assessment

I was excited with Bleach when Ichigo Kurosaki finally entered the fight against Yhwach. It was a long time coming, due to Bleach’s slow pace / bits-of-the-story-per-chapter style. 171 more words

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Ishida Arrives! Mimihagi Torn Off - Bleach 619

Bleach 619 gets even better after Ishida arrives in aid of Yhwach to help prevent Yoruichi and Ichigo from interfering in the Quincy King’s will, this infuriates Ichigo that he just wants to kick his ass. 458 more words

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Weekly Shonen (3/6/15)

One Piece

Chapter 779

The Last Fight

Zoro flashes back to his training with Mihawk, who told him “that having chips on the blades of his sword is an affront to his honor… 605 more words

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Aizen Goes Outside! Ichigo Battles Yhwach - Bleach 618

Bleach 618 shows Aizen and Shunsui talk about the outside, to which Aizen is asked if he’d like to breathe the air of Soul Society where Yhwach has just destroyed everything. 759 more words

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