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Bleach is considered to be part of the ‘Shounen Jump’s Big 3’ with the other two being Naruto and One Piece. I have seen the anime as well as read the manga to its entirety. 2,307 more words


Wretched and Divine - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki, known as the Substitute Shinigami has taken upon himself to help and save everything he thinks needs the aid. From helping Rukia to Orihime, and the Soul Society against Aizen and Yhwach. 86 more words

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Bleach Live-Action Movie Ichigo Costume Leak

We know that an upcoming Bleach live-action movie is coming in 2018, with that in mind, the cast seem to be on their way of filming the adaption. 174 more words


Live action Bleach movie in the works

Set to debut in 2018 will be a live action adaption of Bleach. It will star Sōta Fukushi (Kisaragi Gentarou, Kamen Rider Fourze… 23 more words


Thank you Bleach, you changed my life.

Bleach began its serialization on August 20, 2001, running in the Japanese manga publication Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga spawned an anime series, video games, anime films, a musical, and so much more. 726 more words

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Death and Strawberry - Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach started out with Death and Strawberry and ended with the same title. This magnificent artwork of Ichigo represents the old and new of Bleach as it represents the power Ichigo obtained from Rukia which started the whole process of Ichigo into a full-fledged substitute Shinigami. 63 more words

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Steven Universe, the End of Bleach, and the Importance of Animation

Part 1

I took a break from writing about television and film to do some much needed traveling and to actually watch television and film. This summer has been great for watching and catching up with new shows ( 2,231 more words