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One Piece

Chapter 776

The Colosseum Hero

“I am not made of steel but . . . I, as this country’s anger embodied, shall take you down” 586 more words

Anime And Manga

Soul King Dead! Crumbling Worlds- Bleach 615

Bleach 615 see’s the worlds crumble as the Soul King seems to have been killed swiftly, Yhwach forced Ichigo into killing the King leading to the end of all the worlds as they begin to shake and crumble. 503 more words

Daily Anime Art

Ichigo Cuts Soul King! Portal To Soul Palace - Bleach 614

Bleach 614 see’s Urahara prepare a portal to the Soul Palace opened by Ichigo, while Yhwach (Juhabach) already saw that Ichigo would go ahead and cut the Soul King after being immediately taken control by Yhwach’s sword. 593 more words

Daily Anime Art

A Closer Encounter with a Hero

Everytime Karakura town faces its darkest hours, there will always be a hero that saves the day. A hero that is willing to risk his life in order to save his hometown as well as his loved ones. 438 more words

Ichigo's True Zanpakuto Fan Animation Video

Bleach manga readers know that Ichigo had achieved a new form whereby he now dual wields his sword, it’s suspected that one is his Hollow part and the other his Shinigami side. 104 more words

Daily Anime Art

Ichigo vs Yhwach Fantastic Fan Animation Video

Bleach manga readers know the battle between Ichigo and Yhwach when they had first met, this was within Bleach 513. We saw Byakuya fall in defeat and Ichigo barely fighting against Yhwach. 118 more words

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A Year In Review of Bleach (2014)

This fantastic piece of artwork describes the most of which happened during the 2014 period of Bleach manga. Spoilers ahead, caution to those who don’t read the manga. 172 more words

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