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The Berriest of them all - Ichigo Kurosaki

I found this awesome looking fan art of Ichigo which took into account all of the wonderful forms Ichigo has within the world of Bleach. In fact, they went a step further to implement what they thought of Ichigo plus berries which came from the name given to Ichigo after the word “Strawberry.” 45 more words

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Body Language 💪 {Arms - Ichigo}

.o1/20. : Arms (Ichigo Kurosaki)

You were lying in Ichigo’s bed, him lying behind you with his arms securely around your waist. He was asleep – you could hear his steady breathing and the feel of his chest rising and falling against your back. 82 more words

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Strawberry of Death - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo is pretty cool, he’s gone through a lot from the moment he first met Rukia Kuchiki and he cut through his first Hollow. Ichigo went from saving Rukia, to making sure that Orihime is brought back safely from Hueco Mundo, to learning about Chad’s Fullbring abilities and Uryu’s Quincy abilities. 86 more words

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Ichigo's New Hollow Form Showcased in Bleach Brave Souls

The latest issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump have given Bleach Brave Souls fans a taste of whats coming. The update features a brand new never before seen (maybe) form of Ichigo’s Hollow Form. 221 more words


New Tag Team - Ichika and Kazui

At the end of Bleach manga series, we met a couple of new Shinigami’s known as Ichika Abarai and Kazui Kurosaki. The offsprings of protagonists Ichigo, Orihime, Rukia and Renji who definitely had a fantastic journey throughout all the anime episodes, manga chapters and everything else. 70 more words

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Bleach Live-Action Movie 2018

Bleach based on the manga by Tite Kubo is upcoming with a Japanese live action film produced by Warner Bros. The film is expected to be release on Summer 2018. 159 more words

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Live-Action Bleach Film Teaser Trailer and Visuals Revealed

The official Bleach website for the upcoming Live-Action Bleach film posted up a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie today. The teaser trailer displays Ichigo Kurosaki (Shinsuke Sato) gaining Shinigami abilities and cutting of a Hollow’s hand. 153 more words