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Weekly Shonen (07/24/16)


Chapter 683

The Dark side of two worlds ends

Yhwach destroys part of Sokyoku Hill, he questions why Ichigo didn’t have Orihime heal him. Renji attacks him and activates his Bankai, Sou Zabimaru. 821 more words

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The Wretched - Ichigo's Vasto Lorde

One of the great things about Ichigo is that he has the ability to overcome so much, using the despair, he is able to defeat opponents he has no chance of winning, such as Grimmjow and Ulquiorra. 81 more words

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Ichigo Attacks Yhwach! Aizen's Tricks - Bleach 683

Bleach 683 see’s the continuation of Ichigo vs Yhwach as Renji along with Aizen also get involved in defeating Yhwach. Ichigo and Aizen somehow manage to devise a plan in order use Aizen’s abilities and tricks in order to trick Yhwach to let his guard down allowing Ichigo to use his Tensa Zangetsu to unleash the full force of Getsuga Tensho upon Yhwach from a close range, has this worked? 581 more words


Aizen's Free! Ichigo's Zanpakuto Shatters - Bleach 682

Bleach 682 see’s Aizen’s freedom as Yhwach uses his abilities to destroy the chair Aizen sits on, he’s finally free to move and use his powers. 611 more words


Weekly Shonen (07/11/16)


Chapter 003 – The Chuunin exam begins

“I will walk a different path from my Papa and become the Hokage.” – Sarada

As mentioned in previous post the Boruto series is starting with a retelling of the Boruto movie. 250 more words

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The End - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki has faced many challenges, he’s been able to overcome most using his will power as well as his despair. However, with the arrival of Yhwach (Juha Baha), Ichigo faces a God! 182 more words

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Yhwach's Destruction! Ichigo's Power Taken - Bleach 680

Bleach 680 see’s all of Ichigo’s powers and abilities taken away from him by Yhwach who mentions that he no longer has anything he can do in this situation, both Rukia and Renji appear as Yhwach promises the destruction of all worlds after he creates a portal to where he’s going. ¬† 697 more words