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Ichigo vs Ginjo - Secrets of the Substitute Shinigami Badge - Bleach 365

What an incredible episode, with both laugh as well as some amazing action between Ichigo vs Ginjo. They both keep fighting, they open their Bankai’s and fight! 492 more words


Byakuya defeats Tsukishima - Bleach 364

The latest Bleach 364 surrounds the story of Byakuya and Tsukishima and their fight. We learn that even though Tsukishima has the power to read Byakuya’s past, within one fight Byakuya had come up with techniques to fight his opponent using new techniques. 668 more words


Battle Begins - Renji vs Jackie, Ikkaku vs Moe - Bleach 363

Today’s Bleach 363, was one of the most amazing episodes made in some time. The Battle between the Shinigami’s and Fullbringer’s has begun and it has just started to get interesting! 928 more words

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Kugo Ginjo The First Substitute Shinigami - Bleach 362

Bleach just seems to be getting better and better! Today’s Bleach 362 started out amazing and ended amazingly! Ichigo eliminates Ginjo, but comes back with his Fullbring Form. 603 more words


Your Fullbring Is Mine - Bleach 360

A very shocking episode as Ichigo realizes that Ishida is in his side, while Tsukishima and Ginjo are both on the opposing start, the performance Ginjo gave was both convincing as well as dark, since it brought the whole plan together. 707 more words


Ichigo trains with Ginjo - Bleach 354

Today’s Bleach 354, both Ichigo and Ginjo start to train so Ichigo can perfect his Fullbring. Ginjo’s training technique become a lot more harsh than how other Xcution members trained with Ichigo. 163 more words


Kugo Ginjo Killed by Ichigo - Bleach 477

What a fantastic chapter! Ichigo kills Ginjo with his deadly strike which snaps Ginjo’s sword. During Ginjo’s last moments, he wonder if Ichigo and Ginjo were reversed. 381 more words