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[JP][Discuss] Ichigo Analysis


With two new evolutions for Ichigo being released in JP (And soon to be NA), I’ve decided to take the time and give Ichigo his own post for more in-depth analysis.

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Frieza vs Ichigo

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Requested by Destroyer For a long time this was actually a fight that I had to spend some reasonable thought on. Frieza’s an early DBZ villain so it’s easy to forget just how strong he is, but it’s also due to the fact that Ichigo is just quite impressive on his own as well. 54 more words



Our lives are so enriched by fur babies, aren’t they?  Whether we rescued an animal or purchased a pedigree, a pet or maybe more than one, adds a dimension to our lifestyle.  287 more words


Black and White - Zangetsu

Zangetsu, Ichigo’s inner power, is known in two forms, the one which he manifested as Ichigo’s Zanpakuto and the Quincy Powers within Ichigo. The old man is known as Juha Baha’s younger form before he was old enough or strong enough to battle against Soul Society. 89 more words

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Day26: Best Fight Scene

To me the best fight scene is in Bleach the fight scene between Ichigo Kurosaki and Ulquiorra Cifer in the invasion of Hveco Mundo. 67 more words


Top 20 Strangest Bleach Characters (Final List)

Bleach is one of the best shows in anime history and arguable has the best fight scenes in the anime world. Here is my top 20 strongest characters in bleach. 1,383 more words