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If youre such a big fan of anime and it seems like all those shows you see on television isnt enough to satisfy your thirst for good shows, then you can watch anime online and Bond anime free. 308 more words



Circle: 岸田教団 & THE明星ロケッツ
Arrange: 岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo
Album: hack/SLASH
Original Arrangement

uhm..i’m finally back after a week of laziness ^^
All that is missing from… 490 more words



Alright it’s here finally! I want to thank Mangataku-kun for nominating me I appreciate it so thank you. All the hot guys you can imagine and more! 716 more words



Kalau memang pertarungan Ichigo dan Byakuya adalah pertarungan demi harga diri Rukia, seperti yang lo katakan itu. Gue pikir pertarungan Ichigo dan Sora pun sama, dia melakukan itu juga demi harga diri Inoue. 1,135 more words


Day 13: Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

Day 13: Anime Character You Are Most Similar To
Hmmm… There a lot of them I’m a girl of many things. But personality wise I’d say I’m a mixture of Yoruichi, Kisuke, Ichigo, and Mei. 170 more words


Just wait a little longer

Another Bleach inspired piece. So the other day I wrote something from  Rukia Kunchiki’s point of view, so yesterday I wrote this from Ichigo Kurosaki’s point of veiw to Rukia Kunchiki. 290 more words

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