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Hakka No Togame | 白霞罸

I decided to separate my blog out from my photography website so that I could write more about culture, anime, books, games, yoga and other topics I find interesting. 577 more words


Ichigo drinks vitamin water

Ichigo doesn’t really drink vitamin water but I thought I used the tools and objects that I have near me to create this photo.

For background information, Ichigo is a character from an anime called Bleach. 50 more words


Custom Wallpaper Collections #4: Featuring the scenes from anime Bleach which describes the meaning of FRIENDSHIP & it’s worth…

For Mobile:

For PC:

Custom Wallpaper

Shall We End It? - Ichigo and Grimmjow

Ichigo Kurosaki and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez are an integral part of the world of Bleach, they are crazy strong and have insane abilities which allows them to transform into beasts which means that they get even stronger. 78 more words

Featured Anime Art

Bleach: Ichigo and Zangetsu The Bond Between Man and Sword

I never thought too deeply about the connection between a zanpakuto and it’s master until we met the creator of zanpakutos. Until that moment I thought Shinigami were given their sword and they were meant to learn its name and its bankai. 402 more words

Manga And Anime

Manga/Anime Review: Bleach - The one with the Orange haired teenager, with a gigantic sword!

Hi all, Ru back here with another review. This time the second part of my review of Naruto and Bleach.

This is a two-parter as both hold a special place in my heart, besides Dragonball (Z), they were the first animes I had every properly watched. 705 more words

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