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Death and Strawberry - Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach started out with Death and Strawberry and ended with the same title. This magnificent artwork of Ichigo represents the old and new of Bleach as it represents the power Ichigo obtained from Rukia which started the whole process of Ichigo into a full-fledged substitute Shinigami. 63 more words

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Review of "Bleach: Fade to Black"

* *  C

Fade to Black, the third movie based on the Bleach manga and anime, was released in Japanese theatres in 2008. It is available with an English dub, which was released late in 2011. 185 more words


Friday's Feature - I Want To Be The Very Best

I’m actually not writing a Pokemon post but I just felt that those words really summed up what I wanted to discuss this week. I want to look at the motivations of anime protagonists and this idea of being the best. 1,277 more words


In The End - Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki is the main protagonist within Bleach, within him we see Zangetsu along with his Hollow Ichigo counterpart, they are both his source of power. 109 more words

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Tokyo Mew Mew SDC Episode 5

Plot: Ichigo’s bummed because Kisshu kissed her and she doesn’t know how to act around Aoyama now because of it. That’s about it.


Originally, the flashback to the kiss that Kisshu gave Ichigo is before the title card not after we see her walking to school like the dub. 2,166 more words