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Bilingual Poem: toilet repair

when repairing a toilet,
you must ignore the icky,
or the whole experience,
will go down the drain

cuándo reparando un excusado,
usted debe hacer caso omiso repugnante, 9 more words


I is for Icky

Let’s be honest, not everything about gardening is nature seen through the filter of an animated fantasy. When a Disney-fied Alice wandered through her garden of Wonder, the caterpillar just puffed a bit of smoke in her face. 346 more words


The Truth About 5 Common RV Kitchen Gadgets

In all reality we use cooking devices that make life easier no matter the lifestyle. It would likely be difficult to find someone who doesn’t to use any extra appliance for their kitchen in an RV (Just like a house). 518 more words


Day 62: Toddler on the Mend

We slept last night. Peacefully, no night wakings. No severe coughing fits for this sweet baby. Just lots of sleep and snuggles. We all needed it so much, and we got it! 243 more words


The big one: 1ST POST

Now I will start with a full disclosure: I am a fussy eater. Even at 25 years old, I still have a bit of a strop and a moan when I can’t find something exciting to eat because it contains this or that or tastes icky. 483 more words


Are you okay?

I picked up a chef late at night and took him home. He spent most of the ride doing some kind of hacking snork thing in the back seat. 60 more words

Is that weed I smell?

I gave a young man a ride to a camp ground where his hippie mother was waiting, along with an army of older hippies. She hugged me and kisses me. 28 more words