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When will iCloud be compatible with Office 2016?

To sync your Outlook address book and agenda with that on your iPhone, you unfortunately have no other choice but to downgrade from Office 2016 to Office 2013. 76 more words


Week 12: Hacking


Hacking has become a popular word and topic in the news recently- If you don’t know the words Snowdon or Anonymous, well I encourage you to take The Google and use it, you won’t be disappointed. 855 more words

Operation Get Outta Ma' Garden!

As one of my many experiments I have decided to break out of my regular iCloud account and use a temporary Apple ID that is fresh and clean. 258 more words


Should Seniors use computer cloud services?


I’ve been asked by many of my senior friends – “Are cloud services easy-to-use and safe?” My simple answer is “Maybe.” Cloud computing IS easy-to-use, and CAN be safe if properly set up and secured with a strong password. 611 more words


What is the 'Cloud?'

You may have heard people using terms like the cloud, cloud computing, or cloud storage.

But what exactly is the cloud?

Basically, the cloud is… 404 more words

Google Docs

I am out of my Vulcan mind!

I just got settled into a harmonious digital lifestyle of all things Apple when suddenly I decided once again that the world of technology is too vast to stick to just one kind! 324 more words


Cloud Computing : Dropbox , iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive

Cloud computing has gone from a ‘buzz word’ a few years ago, to an integrated part of both Apple and Microsoft operating systems. We have Dropbox, Onedrive (Microsoft), iCloud (Apple), Google Drive etc. 1,411 more words

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