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Apple iPhone 7 Performance Issue

There are various factors that can cause your phone to perform slow, sluggish, not responding, or shuts down unexpectedly. Usually, these symptoms are triggered by faulty programs or applications installed. 765 more words


How to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac (3 Options Available)

How to transfer your favorite photos from iPhone to Mac computer? There are 3 ways to handle this task, i.e. iCloud Photo Library, Mac built-in apps, and… 620 more words


Apple iPhone 7 cannot update software or won’t restore after iOS update

Software updates are generally packed with new features and bug fixes, and so keeping your device software up-to-date is highly recommended. But for some reasons, a software update can also cause minor and major bricking problems on the device, just like what has happened to some iPhone owners. 339 more words


Managing Your iCloud Backups

iCloud automatically backs up your iOS devices to keep your data safe. If you have a few devices, these backups can take up quite a bit of space. 193 more words


'Secrets' is a simple, no-frills password manager for Mac and iOS

”If there’s one breed of app every Mac and iOS user should own, it’s a password manager,” J.R. Bookwalter writes for Macworld. “After all, it’s no longer possible nor advisable to repeat the same easily-guessed login credentials across all the websites and services we use, and nearly impossible for most of us to remember so many combinations of letters, digits, and special characters.” 202 more words


Apple will have to earn its next $1 trillion in the cloud

”Lost in the hand-wringing over Apple’s iPhone 13% year-over-year slide in sales is the recognition that, in just 10 years, Apple’s iOS devices have generated more than $1 trillion dollars in revenue for Apple, according to Asymco founder Horace Dediu’s analysis,” Matt Asay writes for TechRepublic. 154 more words


iCloud DNS Bypass iOS 10.3/10.4 best icloud activation method

Bypass iCloud lock iOS 10.3 to simply using icloud dns bypass iOS 10.3 system control iPhone Activation Lock and iPad: Your iOS 10.3 device, you will be pushed for safety. 494 more words