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Damaged or blocked iPhones needed?

Do you have a old damaged iPhone in your drawer that your no longer going to use? Have you forgotten you Apple ID causing it to be dead due to activation lock? 81 more words


Unique Way To Backup Your Photos On The Go

As photographers we are always looking to make sure that our most important (or our clients most important) photos are protected.

As I’ve been shooting weddings this summer the photos and video I’m capturing are arguably the most important images I can’t afford to lose. 504 more words


Bailiff can now install and uninstall itself as a Login Item

As you will see shortly in another article here, I think that I have come up with a simpler way for a menubar or ‘Task Bar’ app to install itself into your Login Items, without your having to open the Users & Groups pane. 68 more words


TeenSafe phone monitoring app leaks teens' iCloud logins in plaintext

A security researcher has discovered at least two servers hosted by a “secure” monitoring app for iOS and Android, TeenSafe, that were up on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for months without the need for a passcode to get at their data. 348 more words


Controlling iCloud from your menubar with Bailiff

iCloud storage works very well on iOS. You don’t normally have to worry about whether items kept in the cloud have been downloaded to local storage, as iOS seems to take care of that pretty well, much of the time at least. 357 more words


Cirrus version 1.0 release: the iCloud tool is ready for general use

If you want to take control of iCloud Drive, try to hasten its syncs, or diagnose a problem, there is, as far as I know, only one tool: Cirrus. 252 more words


It’s time for Apple to review it’s iCloud storage tiers

With WWDC upon us I’m doing my annual review of what I’m storing in iCloud. When I did it struck me how limited Apple still are in terms of offerings. 459 more words