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Job of the week [at] ICN Technologies. Website CMS (Content Management System)

It was really exciting to have company website online couple of weeks ago. Now, it’s time to build our own CMS as the website background management console for. 262 more words

Icn Technologies

DNS management console confusion

All of you may have the same wonder what’s going on in my DNS servers, and what are those setting all about. It finally came to my attention, that without actually knowing what’s each part of setting is used for, it won’t function as I like it to be. 320 more words

Icn Technologies

Origin of ICN

ICN stands for

> International

> Communication / Consultation

> Network

Professional IT/IS Communications and Networking Consultation services.

The sum of all above :=


Icn Technologies

ICNPRO.COM is up on the web -milestone

ICN Technologies web site http://www.icnpro.com is finally up on the Internet, although the site is still under-construction, it’s finally parked on a host in Australia. 52 more words

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