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Large Pink Geranium Bush

I’ve never seen Geranium bushes until I got to this area. They’re amazing. The colors are so vivid.

iPhone 5S, Snapseed, iColorama, Phonto.


Rain on a bench

iPhone 5S, Snapseed, iColorama.

It was unusual and heartening to see standing water from the rain in the Chula Vista area. More is needed. Bring it on.

Why Are All Those Lanes Closed?

Got to the San Ysidro crossing today and at least six of the All Traffic lanes were unmanned. Wow! Fortunately, by the time I was half-way to the sad and lonely lane that was open they send some people to open the rest. 7 more words


Near the Street Where I Live

Lets face it, lots of streets are just streets. They are not particularly charming. But add some painting effects from iColorama and suddenly they look passing interesting.

iPhone 5S, Snapseed, iColorama, Phonto

It's a sign… Of the times

iphone 5S, Snapseed, iColorama.

Sometimes there’s little better than to take a picture of a sign and just play with it in various photomanipulation applications. Then you end up with art.