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Willem de Kooning

Friend of Aestheticons and regular contributor Spike Ress, all the way from Utah, has posted this fascinating piece celebrating the work of Willem de Kooning… 381 more words

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Cadillac - Resuscitation without Nostalgia nor Provocation? - Interview with Uwe Ellinghaus, CMO

Uwe Ellinghaus is CMO of Cadillac and on a mission to revive this icon of American luxury. But rather than starting with automobiles, his vision of Cadillac is one of “an experience that young people associate with modern luxury, … of a brand that happens to also make cars.’ That sounds like a page from our ‘Ueber-Brands’ research, so we dig deeper in our interview (click play button below). 611 more words

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Why Harry Styles is Not the New Mick Jagger

The definition of an icon is, “a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration”. However, it appears that the word icon has been misused so much nowadays that it has lost its strength and meaning. 383 more words


Jelly Belly - jelly beans

This week, Aestheticons’ contributor, Dominic Baker, delves into the sweet world of jelly beans to celebrate an icon loved by many, including the odd President of the US – no not that one!  511 more words

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Cultural Icons: Elvis Presley

It’s easy to label Presley as one of the founding members of rock n roll, listen to the plethora of rockabilly songs the artist produced and forget about his presence in the meantime. 471 more words

Toyota Land Cruiser - J70 series

For petrol-heads, one of the oddest sights that you will see in the Gibraltar region is a car transporter loaded with six new, all white, Toyota J70 series Land Cruisers. 444 more words

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"Cool Japan"- in cold Leiden

I felt like freezing. Wrapped up in a winter coat, on top of several layers of clothing, I traveled to “Cool Japan”. Cool is warmer than cold and I did not have to travel halfway round the world. 552 more words