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Hound Dog

One of my favorite Elvis songs is “Hound Dog.” I used to listen to it a lot when I was a kid. Of course, I remember when the Fonz recited “Heartbreak Hotel” on “Happy Days” and it was a pretty big deal.


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MailChimp Aipom

Drawing by me~! MailChimp Aipom logo

Part of my collection of Pokemon Edition of Popular Logos.

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18 October: Qualities for mission.

Yesterday we looked at some of the practicalities of following a mission: the structures and rules that make personal commitment possible. What are the personal qualities of a good missionary? 144 more words

Daily Reflections

How to Camouflage Your Apps

If you’re bored, this article might be for you. If you’re bored and wondering how you can camouflage the apps on your home screen, then this post is DEFINITELY for you. 455 more words