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Ornette Coleman: "I'm in love with eternity...I don't care about how many changes that goes on, as long as it keeps going on."

“This is what I really would love to have in my music: presence. You know, as long as I can live. I mean I don’t care about nothing I played yesterday if I can go home right now and write some music that, is a presence. 50 more words


Call Me Cosmically Crazy

We need to support the wonderful artists, singer-songwriters, social deviants, iconoclasts, frequency holders, rabble-rousers, those on the Group W bench, mystic-seers, flaming guitar guys, shamans, and assorted others cosmically crazy maniacs who use their God-given talents to subvert the established social order in inspired ways, and by doing so, usher in a better, more beneficent reality. 16 more words


Dave Chappelle (Quote)

“I was fourteen when I started, so you know, what are you gonna say about yourself?
When you’re fourteen there’s not much to say. Everything is happening outside of yourself. 29 more words


Iconoclasts of the world unite!

Everyone’s fave rock’n’roll philosopher Henk-Jan is back with another piece that can crush brain cells faster than you being able to crunch enough candy to reach level 2 of your lousy Candy Crush Saga game. 565 more words

Making Artful Choices (Pt. 3)

It’s funny to me that the singer on that show inspired all this talk of ‘art vs career’ because right at her side was what I thought to be a perfect example of what I’m saying. 489 more words

Streams Of Thought

Making Artful Choices (Pt. 2)

If I were to write, oh, say ten novels and two of them got me international recognition, I wouldn’t later say, “well, I’ll write another one if I feel like it but I honestly don’t know for sure if I’ll ever actually do it.” Just… fucking really? 404 more words

Streams Of Thought