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Half Saint Half Lion

In 2012, an amazing discovery of a unique plate from the 13th  century depicting a fully armed Christian soldier or a saint with a human torso and the body of a lion was made in the necropolis of St. 378 more words



Well it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out in the garage and hack away at the canvas. For some time now the idea of making a stained glass picture has been bouncing around in my mind. 120 more words

The Black Hours

Just when you think you’ve seen everything! That’s how I felt when first running across these beautiful manuscripts. Set on vellum dyed black, the illumination is almost visually over the top. 107 more words

Kells Eagle final

So here is the finished project. As mentioned on my last post I took some liberty with the eagle by printing out a picture and then filling in the details. 152 more words

Midnight in the Garden of Eden

So here is my latest. My original thought was to have the Tree of Life standing against the dark grey clouds of a storm, undying in the midst of the Fall. 87 more words

Lupin Moon

Wildflowers in Alaska can sometimes seem to overtake the landscape. I recall seeing the hills ignite with Lupin and in the late summer with Fireweed. The name Lupin has an etymology that comes from the Latin “lupinus”, meaning… 76 more words

Wild Flowers

Took a shot of some wild flowers while berry picking a few weeks ago and decided to try a shot of it. Canvas is 18×24. Heavy acrylic layered for the flowers to give them a little pop. 7 more words