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Yes, I Broke the Paper Cutter

I broke a guillotine paper cutter once cutting rolls of newspaper. A paper cutter is an expensive piece of equipment for a public school, and they are remarkably durable  so I was shocked when the bolt that holds the cutting arm just flat sheared off and the arm came away in my hand. 255 more words

Art Education

Two Views of an Icosahedron, Augmented with Great Icosahedra

If colored by face-type, based on face-position in the overall solid, this “cluster” polyhedron looks like this:

There is another interesting view of this polyhedral cluster I like marginally better, though, and that is to separate the faces into color-groups in which all faces of the same color are either coplanar, or parallel. 36 more words


Hail Fellow Well Met

After a chance remark on the Low Residency I decided to revisit a short film I was exploring, a kind of Rural/Tech Sci-fi Wicker Man. It may be more feasible to explore now via different technology/approach as a very short piece. 67 more words



The Icosahedron is one of 5 Platonic solids. It has 12 vertices and 20 faces. The point coordinates are worked out and given in wikipedia. 619 more words

Autocad Graphing Calculator

An amazingly symmetric icosahedron edge coloring

In my last post I showed off the stellated icosahedron I made out of folded paper:

I also claimed that it uses a very particular and elegant color scheme. 854 more words