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Engineering Drawing: My Final Project

In my post about my design skills blossoming, I talked about how in my engineering class, we had to create a chair and a desktop system that could be applied to many chair designs. 684 more words


A Cluster of Twenty Great Icosahedra, Excavated from the Faces of a Central Icosahedron, Along with Its Dual

These twenty great icosahedra were excavated from the faces of a central icosahedron, which is concealed in the figure’s center. These excavations exceed the limits of the central icosahedron, resulting in each great icosahedron protruding in a direction opposite that of the face from which it is excavated. 47 more words


A Great Icosahedron, Augmented with Twenty Icosahedra

The polyhedral clusters above and below use different coloring-schemes, but are otherwise identical. Invisible, in the center, is a great icosahedron. Each of its faces has been augmented by a (Platonic) icosahedron. 12 more words



May 21 – 141

Move & Turn. Truncated stereo-icosahedron on a Japanese background.

One Image A Day - 364 Days


I’m always impressed by the knowledge and talent of our geometry students. ¬†They enjoyed the last couple weeks of school by making origami polyhedrons.

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Tangents from the World of Gaming

Game On!

Occasionally, I come across some particularly interesting and unusual things related to gaming. ¬†This week I came across two: one related to dice… 318 more words