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Two Polyhedral Compounds: the Dodecahedron / Truncated Octahedron, and Its Dual, the Icosahedron / Tetrakis Cube

That’s the compound of the dodecahedron and the truncated octahedron above. Shown next is its dual, the compound of the icosahedron and the tetrakis cube. Both compounds were made using… 9 more words


Combining Octahedral and Icosahedral Symmetry to Form Pyritohedral Symmetry

Pyritohedral symmetry, seen by example both above and below, is most often described at the symmetry of a volleyball:

To make the rotating polyhedral compound at the top, from an octahedron and an icosahedron, I simply combined these two polyhedra, using  73 more words


Twenty-sided die from Ptolemaic Period

Period: Ptolemaic Period–Roman Period

Date: 2nd century B.C.–4th century A.D.

Geography: From Egypt

Medium: Serpentine

Dimensions: Height: 3.2 x L: 3.8 x W: 3.4 cm (1 1/4 x 1 1/2 x 1 5/16 in.) 21 more words


The brilliant M.C. Escher in 7 pictures

The way Escher manages to convey his appreciation of the mathematical world through his amazing artworks is just brilliant. 214 more words


Spot the sequence?

This is a drilled MDF polyhedron lamp/illuminated shape about 800mm in diameter with 20 faces, also known as an Icosahedron. It is a prototype/experiment which sits in the workshop waiting to be loved again. 15 more words