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Foldable Dymaxion Globe

Some time back, we posted about ’s laser-cut/3D printed Dymaxion Globe — if you haven’t read about it yet, you should check it out.  loved the idea, and like a true hacker, built and shared an… 181 more words

Laser Hacks

Icosahedrons for Etsy

I recently sold some solid wood d20 widgets (icosahedrons) through my Etsy store, so I thought I’d post a picture.  If anyone else is interested in some, or dodecahedrons, please leave a comment here or at my store.


Icosahedral Blue On Blue

Stella 4d was used to make this image, and you may try it for free by following this link.


Mark de Monoloq releases new LP album 'Icosahedron'

The composer and producer of music known as Mark de Monoloq has released his newest LP album, “Icosahedron.” The record includes 20 original tracks for an approximate listening time approaching two hours. 499 more words

Icosahedral Cluster

The great icosahedron, one of the Kepler-Poinsot solids, is hidden from view at the center of this cluster. Each of its faces is augmented with a Platonic icosahedron, producing what you see here. 16 more words


Represent 3D shapes in 2D with Excel scatter graph

Platonic Solids have been studied for thousands of years for its mathematical beauty and symmetry. The five platonic solids are:

The vertices of the regular octahedron with its centre at origin will be as below. 355 more words


Building a "Polyhedral Porcupine"

This is the icosahedron, followed by its first stellation.

The first stellation of the icosahedron can be stellated again, and again, and so on. The “final stellation” of the icosahedron is the one right before the stellation-series “wraps around,” back to where it started: 83 more words