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October 3 – 276

JavaView. Icosahedron. The icosahedron. is a 20-face polyhedron. There are 43,380 distinct nets for the icosahedron. Fifteen golden rectangles span the interior of the icosahedron. 60 more words

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The Icosahedron

I’ve been planning to build a tensegrity icosahedron all summer. I’ve got all of the parts prepared and started putting it together today. Here are a couple of work-in-progress photos. 94 more words


A Rhombic Ring of Icosahedra, Leading to a Rhombic Dodecahedron Made of Icosahedra

As it turns out, eight icosahedra form this rhombic ring, by augmentation:

Measured from the centers of these icosahedra, the long and short diagonal of this rhombus are in a (√2):1 ratio. 180 more words



July 11 – 192

Mathematica 10.1 Sphere assembled from twenty spherical triangles corresponding to the vertices of an icosahedron. From a script by  Sándor Kabai and Máté Salát.

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Engineering Drawing: My Final Project

In my post about my design skills blossoming, I talked about how in my engineering class, we had to create a chair and a desktop system that could be applied to many chair designs. 684 more words


A Cluster of Twenty Great Icosahedra, Excavated from the Faces of a Central Icosahedron, Along with Its Dual

These twenty great icosahedra were excavated from the faces of a central icosahedron, which is concealed in the figure’s center. These excavations exceed the limits of the central icosahedron, resulting in each great icosahedron protruding in a direction opposite that of the face from which it is excavated. 47 more words