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What happens when you are a Holy Child School pass out?

Holy Child School is an ICSE board convent school located in Ghaziabad. It is vastly known for its strict culture, rich education and discipline. A ‘Sisters of Charity’ product, the school is a name to reckon with and has a pool of esteemed teachers, staff and precious students. 888 more words

Biology: Mitosis and Meiosis (Diagrams)

Here are a few diagrams I came across on Google, while studying about cell division. I don’t exactly remember the exact website from where these diagrams have been taken, hence, forgive me for not being able to give proper credit to them. 52 more words

English I: Solved Questions

This is just a worksheet I found on the internet. You may want to check it out once. I’m not perfectly sure about the answers, so if you’re doubtful as well, please confirm the answers with your English teacher. 32 more words

History: First War of Independence 1857, India (Notes Part 3)

I came across this MS-PowerPoint Presentation of the Revolt of 1857 – aka the First War of Independence, 1857 – on the internet. I’m not sure who compiled this presentation, hence, excuse me from not properly acknowledging those involved with the compilation of these notes. 66 more words

History: First World War (Notes Part 2)

I came across these two MS-PowerPoint presentations on the internet. They are concerned with the First World War. I’m not sure by whom these presentations were made, hence, I’m not able to properly credit those concerned with the compilation of these notes. 50 more words

History: First World War (Notes)

The credit for these notes go to our history teacher, Ms. S****** R***********. Thank you for your time and effort. :) The students who refer to these notes will definitely find them very helpful. 480 more words

'By heart it!'

There are many examples of Indian English that one comes across in schools across the country. One of the most outrageous uses of the language, for a number of reasons, is ‘by heart it’ – an expression that encapsulates the wish of most teachers (and parents) that their children commit to memory large amounts of text only to regurgitate the same when they are appear for their examinations.  1,137 more words