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Second follicle ultra, and little Friday whinge

The second ultrasound was today, and there were now nine follicles growing. The little bit worrying news for me was that there was a little bit of fluid in the right ovary. 364 more words


Small Update Post Meltdown and I am Bleeding.

So yesterday I went on a long rant about my job and I remember feeling sort of bad for spewing typically mostly negative things when I come onto here. 367 more words


Happy Day

Seven little follicles growing, and next appointment to check upon them on Friday… I was a little bit surprised that there were only seven follicles to be seen, since I have had some sensations in the ovaries, especially in the left one. 179 more words


Here We Go!

FYI, I am now singing N’SYNC while righting this blog thanks to the title I chose! And now you are too!

So yesterday was CD3 and as instructed I put in my Nuva ring and I called C, the IVF nurse, to schedule my HSG and SIS. 430 more words


Grow little follicles, grow!

Four days of stimulation now behind. Today I felt some slight sensation around my left ovary. Perhaps it is a sign that something is happening there? 215 more words


When you reach infertility rock bottom, there's only one way left to go!

856 days. That’s 2 years, 4 months and 5 days. That’s how long it’s taken me to hit my infertility rock bottom. So I’ve decided to start this blog. 825 more words