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Day 27 : Tuesday 23rd May

My OH forgot to do something at work so woke at 12 am a panic. I am now VERY tired. For the first time I’m thinking about calling in sick using the IVF as an excuse. 133 more words


The three little letters I.V.F bring up various feelings for me.

I admit that I used to look at those letters as a sign of scandal and a mix of curiosity – “ooh, so-and-so are having trouble conceiving, do you think they will try… 362 more words


Day 26 : Monday 22nd May

I skipped a blog post yesterday. It is my birthday today and we had a party on Saturday. Yesteday was all about the tidy up! 444 more words

Sharing the journey update time...

Through my journey on becoming pregnant with Zachary I had shared with everyone the process of each step. I was so glad I did and don’t regret for one minute. 870 more words

Factor V Leiden

Not Quite Straight

My last post talked about the hysteroscopy, and what the consultant found, that is a U shaped septum in my Uterus.

Since then, I developed a post-Op (even though it was more a procedure than an Op) infection, had terrible wind, had the most horrific period (or round of bleeding) yet, and felt like someone kicked me in the gut – all of which I am assured by my consultant are completely normal. 325 more words

Baby Loss Awareness


Yesterday (I wrote this back in October but never had the courage to publish) I underwent a procedure that has changed my perspective on everything, it’s given me real Clarity as I now absolutely trust my consultant without hesitation, know for sure that the NHS isn’t the right place for me just now, and understand what is wrong with me, and know that it can be fixed. 1,137 more words

Baby Loss Awareness

Day 23 : Friday 19th May

TGI Friday! I could sleep all weekend. So far the only side effects have been tiredness, hunger and itchiness on the injection site. The acupuncturist said that after the Progynova halting all my hormones, my body is crying out for them. 70 more words