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Babies in progress

I have realized one thing in this whole assisted reproduction cycle – people care! I have received so much help, so many good wishes and support through this whole process that I am overwhelmed. 418 more words

A little white stick 

Today is 5dp3dt, five days since Acorn and chestnut were transferred back in to me.

For a few days I’ve been really really hungry all the time. 303 more words

Almost 3 in 10 women conceive naturally within six years after IVF treatment regardless of the outcome of their previous infertility treatment

In a study recently published in Human Fertility it was shown that almost 3 in 10 women (29%) who had received infertility treatments (IVF/ICSI) did conceive spontaneously  within 6 years of the cessation of treatments… 1,167 more words


Expectation From IVF Treatment and Success Rate


Infertility is a problem that refers to a biological inability of couples can be existed from congenital (birth) or something can go wrong along the way. 201 more words


And the journey continues!

​It has been just about 2 weeks since our appointment at the clinic, where we found out it isn’t just PCOS but male factor infertility we are dealing with. 569 more words

3 days past transfer 

Yesterday the clinic called to update me on our remaining embryos. They are still growing, but still behind. None of them have reached blastocyst, but one looks like it’s trying to they are giving them one more day and I should receive further updates later today… 136 more words

All hail acupuncture

Things are going well… finally! And I have acupuncture to thank for it. I was really disheartened a few days ago when my follicle count was miserable. 238 more words