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5 weeks old! 

I haven’t updated for a while as I’ve been a little busy!

So George was 5 weeks old on Tuesday and he’s doing great. He spent 3 weeks in NICU as his feeding can be slow but we got there eventually. 410 more words


3dp 3dt

Today has been a much better day all round. I’m feeling better physically which I think has helped with my emotions.

After I posted yesterday I had terrible pains, it was uncomfortable to sit and move and paracetamol didn’t help. 81 more words

Cute little amphibians could hold key to human fertility as they can regrow reproductive organs

The Mexican salamander might look like just another sea creature but scientists believe we can learn a lot from them

A cute little amphibian could be the answer to fertility problems in HUMANS according to scientists. 546 more words

Woman becomes mother to her OWN grandchild as surrogate for daughter left infertile by cancer treatment

Hairdresser Julie Bradford, 44, says she feels lucky “to have been given the chance to put things right” after several years of bad news and worry over daughter Jessica’s illness… 568 more words

2dp 3dt

Despite my efforts to keep myself busy, I’ve still found time to dwell too much on what’s happening, or not happening.

I’ve had terrible terrible cramps all day along with awful (tmi) diarrhea along with a full feeling in my belly making me want to wee all day. 203 more words

Exercise and infertility: What regimen is best for sperm quality?

Research, published this week in the journal Reproduction, investigates the effects of various exercise regimens on overall sperm quality. The results show that just a few months of activity can make a significant difference. 614 more words

1dp 3dt

I started this morning with an apology. I told snowflake and snowball (the names I’ve given the embryos) how sorry I was for not believing in them. 89 more words