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The one when the embryo is transferred

Embryo transfer is a piece of cake compared to ER.  Speaking of cake, a lot of it was left behind on Saturday and I’ve been doing my best to eat it so it doesn’t feel abandoned by my in-laws.  913 more words

The one where every shot is ginormous and I cry

Remember how the trigger shot needle was giant and scary? I get that every night now. Yay! The night of the retrieval, I started Estrace and an antibiotic. 542 more words


If you’ve read my last post, you know we are about mid-way through IVF at this point of the story. Retrieval day came and I was anxious. 481 more words


10 weeks

Today I’m 10 weeks (I’m in double digits!) pregnant, I still can’t believe I’m actually going to have a baby in just over 6 months. The last scan is already 3 weeks ago and the next one will be on June 7th, which seems so far away. 149 more words

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The one where the eggs are retrieved

We had a successful Egg Retrieval yesterday.

When we got there, they checked our IDs and insurance card, we paid our co-pay, and sat down to wait.  1,396 more words

A picture of health

Today was scan day, just an assessment of my reproductive organs to ensure there are no nasties or any surprises which may affect the starting of our cycle. 133 more words


Pinch me!

Transfer of our one and only blast on Thursday 5/12 went very well.  As well as could be expected.  We said a prayer together on the way down.   612 more words