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Ice Ice Baby

Just a few days ago an article about frozen embryo transfer was published in The Star .

In summary, the article mentioned about the advantage of deferring embryo transfer to a later date (ie freezing the embryo first and do the embryo transfer later). 326 more words

Dr Agilan Arjunan

Final Cycle Day 2 (of meds) 

Jab 2 went well. Mr Me looked baffaled when i told him it was all prepped in 2 steps – Attach needle, set dose!

We are so used to snapping/crushing viles, mixing solvents and powders, swapping needles blah blah blah… 15 more words

Its the final cycle dede deerr duurr...dede de de deerr! 

So back to me….

I started spotting Sunday afternoon meaning i was expecting AF in full Monday, but instead, more spotting.

Still nothing today so ive come to the conclusion that 42 days on the pill = no period for me. 143 more words

The one when I'm convinced it's over

I passed another clot thing yesterday morning. I was honestly scrutinizing it, thinking “is this my baby? Is this as big as a blueberry?” Today while getting ready for the ultrasound and work, I told DH I felt it was over so if they saw anything it would be a happy surprise for me. 267 more words

Too much

So I think we’ve decided to wait until New Zealand to proceed with fertility treatments. This is both a good and bad thing.

I mean, I should be happy that on top of my awful work environment and trying to sell our house (and we now need insurance repairs to the bathroom), I don’t have to add IVF. 420 more words


The one with the most slight spotting ever

One thing that has been reassuring me that this pregnancy is really real is that I have had absolutely no spotting.  So of course that had to end.  803 more words

Special Delivery! 

So anyone who follows me on good old Instagram will know that I received a letter in the post today that I would consider to be up there on the special radar!! 438 more words