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Follie Watch.

Today was the day of our third scan. This was again to check up on my follicles, to see how they’re growing etc. Ever since our second scan on Tuesday I’ve been feeling a bit apprehensive about today. 701 more words


Scan Time: The Follicles Awaken.

So as I quickly blogged about this morning it is the day of my second scan. I have had my date with the internal ultrasound wand. 798 more words


7 weeks 5 days 

“You are definitely pregnant!” Were the first words our lovely nurse said to us. After a long one minute silence, when we thought she couldnt find a heartbeat, she asked, “how do you feel about twins?” 116 more words

First step forward...

Today was my 1st counselling session. We went through my story, from meeting hubby to losing Millie. It was like a history class, we didn’t explore much as just getting the background. 327 more words

Growing Pains

Today is day four of the stimulation phase of my short protocol cycle. And oh am I feeling it! This morning I put on my jeans ready for a walk and found that although I could get them on, my stomach was bursting out of the seams! 264 more words


IVF: 6 weeks pregnant update!

Im 6 weeks pregnant today! (I still have to pinch myself when I say that to check Im not dreaming!!) I still cant believe how lucky I am, it all still seems surreal. 261 more words


On Your Marks.

Today we had our baseline scan. This is the scan that marks the start of your cycle and is what they base your follicle growth on. 656 more words