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Not so happily ever after - Infertility truth

One of those questions every newly married couple gets asked all the time. ‘So when will you have a baby?’ What year is it again? A lot of women actually want a career, to travel and do… well, everything you can’t do once you have a baby. 504 more words


High risk! 

I’m not sure how this happened and this is probably going to be really waffley and make no sense. But right now I’m in a complete mess. 219 more words

Immune Testing

So after much deliberation – I finally went for immune testing.

Here is the response from the Lab:

The final report is herewith attached.

Can we have a chat through this today?  49 more words

10. The follow-up

So we had our follow-up consultation this week after our first icsi cycle failed just before Christmas.

It started badly before we even arrived, with my wife picking up a voicemail while we were driving there to say our appointment had been cancelled. 339 more words


Dating scan 

Yesterday, at 12+5 I went for my dating scan. Hubby wasn’t able to make it so little p and my mum came along.

We had a fairly long wait, but eventually I was called into the scanning room. 128 more words

Drug Delivery

Sadly, not as exciting as the title sounds! Not recreational drugs, but these bad boys ready for the start of my cycle.

The Suprecur, which is the Buserelin I will have to inject twice a day and then the estradiol valorate tablets. 28 more words

Our Sticky Gecko

I’ve realised that these blog entries are serving as a debrief following our IVF treatment. I am finally acclimatising to my new found slower pace of life and it’s giving me a chance to stop and reflect on the past 15 months. 969 more words