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IVF # 3: The Plan

Right now I’m in the initial stages of ordering my medications, paying fees (so not fun!), and getting ready for my D&C next Tuesday. I’m extremely nervous. 363 more words


Before I get fully into today’s blog I wanted to share something. Today I went on Facebook and saw something that really spoke to me. It was the following picture quote: 610 more words


happy transferversary

one year ago today, my life changed forever.  while we had to wait several days to see if the transfer was successful, july 24th was the day i became pregnant with the baby i was unable to conceive on my own.   95 more words



Thursday 23rd July official test date (OTD) or as it’s less formally titled, today. I’m writing this post from a really emotional place so I apologise for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or if it just doesn’t read well! 998 more words


Its hard to put into words

Im finding it hard to blog at the moment. I come up with some interesting stuff, but its forgotten in a heartbeat as i still cannot focus on any 1 subject for any length of time. 807 more words

Almost There.

In the wise words of Tiana (from Disney’s Princess and The Frog) “I’m Almost There”. Tomorrow is the day, official test day aka OTD. I have no idea what it is going to bring. 348 more words



I cracked. On Saturday morning to be exact. 6dp5dt (6 days past, 5 day old embryo transfer) and I cracked. I woke up at 6AM with such bad cramps that they brought tears to my eyes. 675 more words