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First working eggs made from stem cells points to fertility breakthrough

Scientists have for the first time shown that fully mature egg cells can be grown in the lab, raising hope for new infertility treatments.

Until now, researchers have only been able to produce cells that resemble sperm or eggs, but which can rarely produce live offspring because of abnormal organisation of their genetic material. 697 more words

What Grade Will Your Embryos Earn?

When couples go through in vitro fertilization (IVF) eggs that are fertilized are monitored to see if they develop into embryos and before one or more are implanted they will be graded. 467 more words

24 weeks

Viability!!! It’s here! I feel like I can take a nice big breath! Now just 4 weeks until the second viability milestone at 28 weeks. Can you believe it’s just 9 weeks until the triplets could come? 792 more words

I'm back.....

Well its been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and I was sure whether I was coming and going. 293 more words

Day 14 Beliefs + Spirituality #captureyourgrief

Day 14 Beliefs + Spirituality

This is a tricky one, some days I believe we’re all part of some master plan and our future is mapped out and other days I firmly believe you make your own luck in this world and there isn’t a big guy in the sky mapping it all out. 232 more words


Two infertile women to give birth in Ukraine after gene-editing operation

  • Three-person baby technique lets parents with genetic mutations edit the mother’s egg so they can have a healthy baby
  • Now two infertile women in Ukraine have used the technique to conceive…
  • 991 more words

Why Fertility is at an All-Time Low

As couples struggle to conceive, what does the future of childbearing hold?

American fertility rates hit an all-time low this year — the lowest they’ve been since record keeping began in 1909. 959 more words