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IVF (or potentially now ICSI): Cycle Day 8- Scan Day!

Today I had a scan to see how my little follies are doing. I had the usual trans-vaginal scan I am all to used-to by now, where a probe is inserted into the vaginal to scan for a better view of the uterus and the ovaries. 312 more words


Fear & Hope

Without fear and hope I am not to sure how anyone could stand how boring life would be. I feel like I’ve taken a cocktail of numbness, anxiety, fear, and hope. 602 more words


Yay for another victory!

It’s so strange. When something good happens I hesitate to write about it because I am scared it will jinx me or something weird like that. 718 more words



  • 15 eggs collected
  • 13 ICSI’d
  • 10 fertilised

We are so happy. The lady on the phone said they want to take them to a five day culture (blastocyst) and that it’s a very good number. 48 more words

Egg collection

So my morning went a bit like this:

We arrived at BH at 7:30, we were taken to a room with four curtained corners, in each was two chairs, one reclining, a cupboard for my belongings, a gown and a blanket (which we have one of the same at home!). 561 more words

The Day Before

I don’t even know if I can coherently express my feelings over the past few days. But here it goes!

Since coming back from ROTR both Chris and I have been sick. 425 more words


Surge of hope

This morning I had my second ultrasound scan. The one the doctor offered to calm my mind. I was some what hesitant and suspicious as to what can really happen in two days? 325 more words