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Miscarriage aftercare or lack of...Part 2

I managed the second day ok-ish. Co-codomol has helped and I’ve managed some sleep.

The third day, which just happens to be Easter Sunday the pain is really bad. 490 more words

Its like I've forgotten EVERYTHING

I seem to be doing really badly with the jabs for some reason. I have great big red lumps where the jab is and its sore to touch. 196 more words

How to reduce size of e-form

Q. The size of the e-form increases significantly after attaching the DSC. What should be done to optimize the PDF file size?

A. Please follow the below instructions to limit the increase in PDF file size while affixing the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). 59 more words


Another Wait 

Late last week, we received a letter from our new Fertility Specialist to advise that he is taking leave and won’t be back in his practice until Mid June. 490 more words

Struggling already...

Not with the IVF although i did give myself a bruise whilst injecting.

No, what im struggling with is giving stuff up. Caffeine and alcohol being the main ones and i have no idea why. 167 more words

Retrieval Upadate

Friday, April 29th I had egg retrieval. We got there a little before 630AM and Z was really concerned I had been told the wrong time. 302 more words


Sorry for the lack of posts

I did the two pregnancy tests and all was ok.

I went for the 6 week scan, size a little off and heartbeat a little slow but not too worrying. 593 more words