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The Internet Social Forum and "The Global Internet Community"

An initiative towards an Internet Social Forum (ISF) with a close association to the World Social Forum (WSF) was recently launched by a number of Civil Society (CS) organization at the WSF in Tunis. 1,095 more words

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You Eat with Your Ears: Wearable Weight Management… 55 more words


Smart Cities vs. Smart Communities: Empowering Citizens not Market Economics

“Smart Cities” has become a flavour of the day for governments, the private sector, even academics all of whom see this meme as being a way to translate the “hype”, err “glitz”, err “glory” of new tech–digital technology to the grimy old practices and policies of urban agglomerations and urban management. 1,394 more words

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Ooh-la-la, the French Get (Inter)Net Neutrality Right: It's All About the Platform Monopolies--Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Amidst all the storm and thunder surrounding the ever-elusive Net Neutrality (NN) (the FCC call for comments on NN elicited some 1.1 million interventions), the actual point of the exercise at least from the perspective of those looking for an Internet supportive of an open, free, just and democratic Internet seems to have gotten rather lost. 1,846 more words

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Q: Who Are "Internet Users"? A: Everyone

Q: Who Are “Internet Users”? A: Everyone

The term “Internet Users” is bandied around a lot, particularly recently.

As discussion about the Internet has shifted from discussions within fairly narrow circles of techies, to marketing folks, cultural analysts and now deep thinking policy people the question of who exactly are “Internet Users” is becoming of wider interest. 1,304 more words

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Implementing Best Practices

Note: This is an unedited version of my article published in December 2010 Issue of Spider Magazine.

Life revolves around setting and achieving various goals and objectives. 1,178 more words

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