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Are you a Cyber Criminal or Victim?

The internet has stamped it’s authority on our lives lately to the extent that many of us cant imagine a day without going online. However, it’s increased influence in our lives has brought benefit to both well  and ill intentioned users. 30 more words



Welcome to my new blog. I am a primary school teacher, computing coordinator and music enthusiast from the Wirral. I intend to use this blog as a means of sharing my thoughts, reflections, ideas and advice on life as a primary school teacher. 13 more words


Embedding Facebook post

Here is the 1st FB post embedded to my wordpress within the framework of ICT session

Collaborative Learning

Embedding a video

In ICT session we are learning and testing different kind of technologies that support the learning process. Some of them is new for me, some are not. 28 more words

Collaborative Learning

What is a mouse? Year 1 - Homework

What is a mouse?

A mouse has two buttons and a wheel. Each button does something different.

The left button selects things on the screen. 56 more words


8 Things You Didn't Know About IT in Colombia

The first thing you think of when Colombia comes to mind is probably not the country’s IT sector. But did you know Colombia’s IT sector is booming? 153 more words

Go South! Consulting

Computer challenge

Our challenge was to look at the whiteboard and decide which coloured shape came next in the pattern. We worked with a partner if we found it tricky. 6 more words