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ICT Toptrends 2016

Eindejaar staat weer voor de deur. Dringend tijd om kort terug te blikken op vorig jaar en een prognose te maken voor het komende jaar. Diegene die hoopt op plotse revelaties en ommezwaaien, komt bedrogen uit de bus. 506 more words


Security Devices For Connected Homes MarketSize And Share To 2021

Report Summary:

Next generation home security devicesĀ  achieve a complete replacement of existing security systems, 3D video cameras, automated connected thermostats, access sensors, and intrusion detection devices can al alert a person on the smart phone. 789 more words


Surgical Robots Market Structure, Share And Size To 2021

Report Summary:

Worldwide surgical robot markets are poised to achieve significant growth as next generation systems provide a way to improve traditional open surgery and decrease the number of ports needed for minimally invasive surgery. 799 more words


Look me in the eye, sister

After recent weeks, we’ve had a flurry of short notice changes to our IT estate to help with resilience.

A big difference now over say 9 months ago is that not only do we get a say in what is actually very often quite a ‘back end’ change happening elsewhere (previously, we’d have had limited visibility at best) but we get a lot of information and even communications throughout the change. 441 more words


Week 2-3

“Digital betacam tape (6498599453)” by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt from Copenhagen, Danmark

A double up of our MOOC after a very busy couple of weeks where we are also helping out with blended learning case studies because of this course. 253 more words

HE Students

Insights on developing an organizational ICT4D strategy

At our November 18th Technology Salon, we discussed how different organizations are developing their ICT for development (ICT4D) strategies. We shared learning on strategy development and buy-in, talked about whether organizations should create special teams or labs for ICT- and innovation-related work or mainstream the ICT4D function, and thought about how organizations can define and find the skill sets needed for taking their ICT-enabled work forward. 1,369 more words