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Another Drawing!

So I decided to try and do a new drawing with the Adonis Pixel, this time on an app called Concepts. It’s a little more complicated than Adobe Photoshop Sketch, but it works really well. 95 more words


Mysterious Hatch in Fortnite?!

If you’re a Fortnite conspiracy theorist like me, you might be wondering what the heck the hatch in the middle of wailing woods is. I honestly have no idea, but what if you port-a-forted the corner of it? 64 more words


Poetic Memoirs of a Fourth Grader

Hey, Pinesters! I’m leaving for a couple months, to go down to Louisville, and while I was finding some stuff to put in the storage bin, I found this little treasure: 368 more words


A Book Review: Sort of.

Hey, guys! IcyPineapples here, and as you know, I am an absolute book fanatic. I read all the time, going through as many as I can, which unfortunately, isn’t very much for the majority of the time. 502 more words


😎 (Not-so) Pro Tips for Fortnite Mobile

I’m nearly Tier 10, FEAR ME!!! 😂

I’m finally doing well in this game, honestly, I’m pretty terrible, but I have some pro-tips from my friend about this game: 127 more words



Oh my goodness, this has been a crazy last few months, and let me just say, thank you so much, to those who stuck with me throughout this last few months. 168 more words


Merry Christmas!

Since it’s the Christmas season, the site shall have a special Christmas skin!

Tiding’s Greetings, Icy.