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Hope to Sleep my worries away

Figured out that sleep gives you a relief from heart’s aches and breaks.

I notice that early morning, my mind starts usually serene. It feels amazingly free of loops, bothers,aches, breaks. 480 more words



I always block my ID when calling patients. If I don’t, I start getting direct calls from patients. Those kinds of patient calls are the minority, to be sure, but they are exhausting and disruptive and are sure to occur when I am on the toilet having a rather tough poo (lots of noisy grunting) or whilst in the midst of mind blowing sex (also lots of noisy grunting) or something else equally awkward like changing a high lightbulb while precariously balanced on a ladder (probably also involving lots of noisy grunting). 237 more words


An Argument For More Broken Games

Doom (2016) is really good. Like surprisingly great. It’s one of those exceptional games that manages to pay respects to the past without using it as a crutch and/or feeling antiquated while also moving the game/series/genre forward without turning into a soulless mess (looking straight at you Skyrim, you disappointing clusterfuck). 984 more words


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