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Lecture about Malware Analysis at UniSantos University

Hi readers..how are you? Last week, in OCT/18, I taught a lecture about Malware Analysis in the UniSantos University. We have a good time during the talk. 39 more words


Lecture about Malware Analysis at PUCC (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas)

Dear readers, what have you been doing? Last Thursday (SEP/15) I taught a lecture about Malware Analysis at PUCC. Few photos follow below:

Honestly, it was a great talk because students were very interested in learning and they made several amazing questions. 38 more words



Good morning. I've fixed the IDA Pro console for everyone. Have a look: https://t.co/wHtrETqESS pic.twitter.com/Y7snSUQyG4

— Marc-Etienne M.Lévei (@marc_etienne_) May 30, 2016

Marc-Etienne M.Lévei has an IDA shell in IPython!

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Reversing: few words about a trivial code

(this short write up can be read in pdf format: https://alexandreborgesbrazil.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/reversing_few_words_about_a_trivial-code2.pdf)

Dear readers, how are you? During my classes and presentations, it is extremely common to hear students and professionals comparing different areas inside IT security, but honestly I think is neither possible nor feasible to do this “mental exercise”. 831 more words