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Reversing: few words about a trivial code

(this short write up can be read in pdf format: https://alexandreborgesbrazil.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/reversing_few_words_about_a_trivial-code2.pdf)

Dear readers, how are you? During my classes and presentations, it is extremely common to hear students and professionals comparing different areas inside IT security, but honestly I think is neither possible nor feasible to do this “mental exercise”. 831 more words


tool mini-review: UEFI Xmod

UEFI Xmod is a to work with EFI images (extracting specific modules, batch processing, etc.). This Python-based command line tool is by “danse-macabre”. It is only 2 days old, so watch for it to evolve. 143 more words

Hacklet 45 – Reverse Engineering Projects

Sooner or later, all of us end up putting on our reverse engineering hats and digging in to a device. It might be that you’re trying to keep an old piece of equipment running – the manufacturer is long defunct, and parts are no longer available. 694 more words

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Remote debug native code (shared library) on android

Lúc sử dụng IDA Pro, điều khó là làm sao attach được vào cái process của apk đang chứa cái shared library mà muốn debug từng bước một. 215 more words


Navigating to static constructors (.cctor) in MSIL

When reverse engineering .Net code, either with an interactive disassembler or by programmatically parsing the MSIL headers. There is some low hanging fruit and some fruit that is out of reach, unless you are a giraffe. 617 more words


BIOS POST procedure reverse engineering

The first thing to do in order to create a faithfull emulator of a PS/1 model 2011, able to function with the original ROM, is to do a reverse engineering of the BIOS (actually, there are other methods, but I find this one more instructive). 40 more words

PS/1 2011

GINA Interception, Stolen Credentials and the Malware that Almost Got Away

A few years back, one of my IT co-workers remarked that after making a purchase on Amazon.com, his credit card data was stolen. He was naturally frustrated that this happened, but fortunately his credit card company caught the fraud early, notified him, and corrective steps were taken. 724 more words