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IDA Pro 7.1 released

New IDA Pro v7.1 and Decompilers released! A lot of improvements in ARM support and Debugger API. But the main thing it’s Decompiler Microcode API! Microcode gives a lot of new opportunities for RE automation.

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IDA releases Freeware 7.0 update

Yes, it’s official https://t.co/cG2OTQn9g3

— Igor Skochinsky (@IgorSkochinsky) February 2, 2018

We released IDA Freeware 7.0 for Windows/Linux/Mac: https://t.co/EkzQyseIBp

— Ilfak Guilfanov (@ilfak) February 2, 2018…

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Better than IDA Pro - Radare2

IDA Pro improved dramatically with the new UI and Python bindings, but I think it has been hampered by early design decisions ie it’s impossible for a segment to be not 16-byte aligned which is a hold-over from the Intel 8086. 239 more words


IBM PCjr BIOS dump

The IBM PCjr BIOS is very well documented in the IBM PCjr Technical Reference manual (a must read for every PCjr developer).

The only problem is that navigating that code is not easy. 141 more words


Duo Labs releases: IDAPython, Coretex M Firmware and Amnesia modules

I'm proud to release my first blog post, paper, and code repository since joining Duo Security. The paper is entitled "Examining Personal Protection Devices – Hardware & Firmware Research Methodology in Action"

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Printing values from linear addresses with IDAPython

While working on a CTF challenge recently, I needed a way to print all the values in a range of linear addresses to avoid some manual labor. 265 more words

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