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Into the Puckerbrush

I spent a few days battling wind and heavy rain in the Owyhee high country last weekend. The side roads out here are epic if you know how to get around. 25 more words

Idaho Rides

Idaho dropping down to FCS

Written by: Dan

As was just discussed today in UMass’s 2016 preview, while it’s never been done before, it’s in some program’s best interest to drop down from FBS to FCS. 213 more words

Hump Day: Getting Through the First Week & a Half of a New Semester

Whoo! It’s the middle of the weekend! That much closer to the weekend, which hopefully means less homework and more fun. I love longer days and more sunshine so taking classes during the Spring Semester is so much fun (my university does trimesters Autumn, Winter, and Spring). 538 more words

Atlanta to Alturas Lake #4: Breaking Camp

After a long mountain climb while leading horses and corralling three needy, rambunctious kids, I can’t imagine facing the work it must have taken to make camp. 351 more words



I don’t have an assignment to blog this week, which is a welcome break amidst studying for midterms while seeing all my friends at other schools finish the semester. 100 more words

Real Estate in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Hello everyone,

I’m starting this ongoing blog to let you know about Real Estate in Coeur d’Alene. Everything from the state of the market, how interest rates affect you, and what you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home to sell it for more money. 51 more words


How one teacher can change your life (Mr. Sandford)

I hope everyone has a story about how out of the blue someone has redirected and inspired their life. For years I regularly think about how fortunate I was to have Mr. 428 more words