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Concept Ideas

In the build up to my presentation, I decided to make a few mockup’s of what I hope to achieve when designing the App.

After deciding to designing a music app, I needed to think of a name and make a concept logo. 204 more words

Idea Development

3D Development

Taking repeating and folded elements as initial inspiration, paper manipulation resulted in triangular repeating elements to form a vessel. The elastic is used as a constraint to keep the form as a solid structure. 78 more words

Individual Project

Idea Development

Idea No. 1

My first idea is making a website / social media advertising campaign for a new company, or charity. The reason behind this is the fact it has always interested me and I would like to learn more about it through research and learn new practical skills. 70 more words

Idea Development

framing and constructing

In my work, assimilation of materials and presentation tend to occur on different days. By this, I mean that when my work is shown in a crit, exhibition or if it’s just hanging in my studio space it is often constructed/ objects are collected on one day and they actually become ‘an artwork’ on another. 239 more words


reconstructing unfamiliar sentiments

Following my previous post, I became interested in creating ‘soft sculptures’. Rather than actually making my sculptures soft, I decided to experiment with three different materials: 756 more words


Idea Development

Idea Development

My Idea is to produce a time based final piece. My idea is to produce a video or time-lapse or I could do both and mix the footage of a bottle bobbing on a wave with the sound of the sea, in the background/ambient sound than after a while middle in the middle of the video for 10 seconds or some bold big text or on the side to it not too introducing saying “The sea wasn’t made for plastic!” or “how much of the sea is plastic?” I could even make a poster of the video to advertise it. 79 more words

GD Task 35: Hotel Indigo Roughs


  • Review roughs and ideas
  • Plan for Comp Visualisation
  • Gather required source materials
  • Create computer visualisations
  • Experiment with design concepts
  • 933 more words
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