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Character variation

In the past few days, I have done a lot more development for my characters, starting on the mother as well as the girl. I plan to do some more draft illustrations that are actually painted up and get feedback from Helen about them. 207 more words

Development of FMP

I spoke with Helen yesterday, she suggested I practise bookbinding by making a sketchbook. I think this will give me a clear sketchbook to develop my ideas in. 287 more words

Feedback session

Today we had a really helpful feedback session with Stephen, Kristianne and Tom where we discussed methods of editing down our work to our one final image and gave each other feedback on our work. 347 more words

Practical Development


While Showing a close friend my lip syncing work yesterday, (I have finally started lip syncing and have gone through the first monologue and chorus with Joris), My friend gave me a strong idea, which will hopefully ensure, I get an animation done before my deadline. 327 more words


Character Designs

Before Going ahead and starting my lip syncing of my characters, I had to finalise my final designs of the characters. I don’t have much time to do any more variations of my characters as time is ticking away! 131 more words


Stages of burning a Self Portrait

This was my experiment, looking at creating a progressive series, where I burnt more of the negative away as I printed. I think this was a really interesting experiment and I may use it as the final idea for my project. 768 more words

Practical Development

Contact Sheet 10

I had not even thought about doing a self portrait for my project until I had researched into Dieter Appelt’s work. Once I had considered it, it seemed a good idea as I wouldn’t have to instruct a model on how to pose as I would know exactly how I want the portraits. 332 more words

Practical Development