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Brainstorm Writing

All completed writing could be seen as recorded information. Authors of original published material turn their ideas into recorded information in order for us to read. 467 more words



I have decided to keep my old film idea I just had to film it on location. I am now on track and have started editing and I must say its going very well and I’m so pleased with my work. Things are finally looking up.

Unit 8 FMP

New idea

My new idea is going to be a stop motion storyboard for a song. From the research I have done my final cut should work and look the same as the rhinestone eyes storyboard. Please see below.

Unit 8 FMP

Things I will be taking out of the finished video

I have already talked about my concern with using the pink hoodie and how I feel that I won’t be able to get it in there, without making seemĀ forced. 308 more words

Year 1 Level 3

23/05/17 - Focus group with a set of questions, self evaluating and helping a fellow student

Today I showed people my newest rough cut giving them a set of questions to answer after watching the film.

Self evaluation

Before I talk about the focus group questionnaire results, I will be giving a brief of the things I like about the rough cut and also things that I think I should change. 1,998 more words

Year 1 Level 3

So far...

After a stressful week of my plans for my FMP falling apart things have started looking up. My filming times though small are planned and booked with my actors so I can get filming done by Thursday. 74 more words

Unit 8 FMP

The opening shaving scene, inspiration (shaving)

In this blog post I will be talking about where I got the inspiration from to open my short film with a shaving scene. After looking at early short films by famous directors I stumbled upon on one of Martin Scorsese’s earliest works. 184 more words

Year 1 Level 3