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Reflections on the mid-term hand in

I am very happy with the point that I am at with my project. The two images that I presented for the hand in are my first experiments at burning the negative but I am very pleased with how they turned out and I’m sure that they will only improve with more practice and experiments. 212 more words

Practical Development

How Do You Accept Ideas?

Raw ideas have little value unto themselves. They need to be expanded, tweaked, massaged, and refined. Painters and sculptors often display a collection or series of pieces that are variations of a single theme or idea. 586 more words

Business Growth & Marketing

Meeting and Greeting 'To Have & To Hire'

Today we went to Cardiff and met Annalisa Jones and her assistant Stephanie.  We were meant to meet them at half 2 however they were still with a client, so we had to wait another 10 minutes which wasn’t a problem.   467 more words

Idea Development

To Have and To Hire

Today we called ‘To Have and to Hire’ as they had not replied to Ryan’s email that he had sent previously.  When they picked up we explained who we where and they were delighted to hear back from us, as they were recently discussing about what we could do for them to promote their business.   21 more words

Idea Development

A Slow Start

After our primary research in which we visited a rage of independent shops in Cardiff we decided to pursue the idea of ‘To Have & To Hire’ which is a vintage boutique wedding dress shop for brides on a budget. 189 more words


Idea Development 2

After changing my mind about my initial idea I knew that I still wanted to be inspired by portraits that show identity without giving away too much from the face of the figure. 214 more words

Idea Development

Theoretical Context

Whilst developing my project, there were many questions that I asked myself in order to come up with an idea. These questions helped my project evolve to the best of it’s potential. 704 more words