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Environmental Portraiture: Idea Development

For my environmental portraiture brief, I will be taking photographs of a retained firefighter at West Hartford Headquarters. A retained firefighter is a firefighter who is classed as ‘on call.’ They are used if needed for big incidents such as house fires or major crashes. 265 more words


Initial Ideas

  • In a world where depression is normal and people try to hide their happiness
  • A world where (much like diabetes) we take out levels from out blood but instead of blood sugar it shows us how happy we are and then suggests how much serotonin or dopamine to inject to keep us functioning in society.
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Idea Development

XII - Exploration of The Uncanny

I must acknowledge the fact that I have always been inspired by literature and social concerns when creating my pieces. I believe that my interest in the visceral and the abject is indeed a result of how I have been conditioned to think by society – in ‘The Uncanny’ by Sigmund Freud, it is suggested that “the uncanny is something which is secretly familiar , which has undergone repression and then returned from it”1. 596 more words


Keep The Faith

Keep the faith was a symbol used a lot during the 80s it was designed to encourage people to pursue what they love, which fits in perfectly with Steves ambitions.

Idea Development

Peace Sign

The peace sign is a well known symbol of rebellion as it is used a lot during protests and uprisings. It is a very iconic so it would be very noticeable and memorable to people as well as everyone would understand it.

Idea Development


Steve has a long history of being rebellious. His fascination with the mod culture is clear through his whole shop and his personality, for example his dress sense (always very smart in suits). 57 more words

Idea Development

Shot Plan for Video

Shot Plan –

  1. Establishing shot of new building
  2. Coach one to one with a boxer. (punch pads) – 3 angles
  3. Boxer– punching towards the camera (ducking)
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