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Review of current progress- feedback:

In my tutorial this morning- I received helpful feedback and constructive advice into how to continue moving my project forward at a sufficient pace. Helen was happy with the pace of my project so far, with an awareness of the interconnecting links I have been trying to make between each design sheet. 197 more words


Pink Tumblr

As well as having a collection of physical photographs that I have taken of pink things/buildings/people that I have found, I have decided to create a tumblr to exhibit the images. 135 more words

Idea Development

Princess Embroidery Test

From the research I did on embroidery stitches, I stitched the word ‘princess’ into my jeans as a test. Although princess wasn’t one of the more common responses from the survey, it is something that is personal to me. 77 more words


Hand Embroidery - Back Stitch and Split Stitch

As a way of developing on from the responses of my survey, I had an idea to possibly stitch some of the things associated with the colour pink, into my clothing. 70 more words



I found an artist on instagram that I touches on similar themes as mine. I like the use of line and flat colour as it is simple but gets the point across. 13 more words


Interior issue- resolution ideas

A difficulty that I have recently come across when attempting to redesign the kitchen, in order for it to fit the resident’s requested criteria more closely, is the addition of more social seating/space in the limited size of the space. 148 more words



Initial ideas I had when considering my topic of ‘Upper Age Limits’ included how people present themselves. The tutor Karl asked me at what age it would be acceptable to have brightly coloured hair – can someone over 50 dye their hair blue? 289 more words