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Future Filming

We have planned to create an advert/commercial for Annalisa as well as the main film to gain more promotion for her business.  We planned to film next Wednesday to start doing the commercial film where Annalisa’s twin girls might be included within the film. 183 more words

Idea Development

First Day of Filming

Today Ryan and I both travelled to film our first day with Annalisa.  There were some complications: limited parking (luckily Annalisa was really understanding) then our sound equipment did not work. 205 more words

Idea Development

Statement writing workshop

Today’s workshop on writing our project statement really got me thinking and talking about my work. This helped me to articulate where my project is heading and gave me a fresh perspective on my work.  412 more words

Practical Development

Editing still images

I have decided to incorporate still images into the Dipak Padhiar video, however, these still images doesn’t seem to look good during the edit. I have decided to look at tutorials to help me make still images look good whilst editing. 79 more words


Editing Workshop

In today’s workshop, we were looking at how photographers and editors decide to display a series or body of work in a magazine or journal to make the images look as engaging as possible. 492 more words

Artist Research

Planning Ahead

Yesterday the 12th of March I went to visit Annie and Stephanie at To Have and To Hire to discuss further about the idea’s that we had spoken about through email. 227 more words

Idea Development

Discussing Feedback

After coming up with some original ideas and looking at the types of promotional videos that have already been created we thought it was best to send over the research we had gathered via email for Annalisa to have a look at and get her feedback to some of the ideas. 63 more words

Idea Development