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Workshop Research Task 05/10

The above task necessitates looking at a variety of sources.

Lesson 9 - Game planning/Development

In this lesson, we started looking at how to pitch a game in more detail, and all the requirements needed to write a successful high pitch. 100 more words

Unit - 4, 34, 72 - Game Treatment And Expo Poster

Lesson 8 - Developing Ideas - Coffee Cups

We started off by doing a drawing activity, we were given 20 minutes to draw as many designs for coffee cups as possible that came into mind. 156 more words

Unit - 4, 34, 72 - Game Treatment And Expo Poster

Swatches Blog

Building on from my project on the colour pink, I decided to set up a tumblr to compile colours and swatches I name and create. The link to it is below;


Idea Development

Interview with award-winning screenwriter Geoffrey Calhoun

After sharing his fun guest post, Finishing Your Script by Defeating Act Two, Geoffrey Calhoun kindly took the time to answer my questions about his writing practice and his business… 1,903 more words


Brainstorm Writing

All completed writing could be seen as recorded information. Authors of original published material turn their ideas into recorded information in order for us to read. 467 more words



I have decided to keep my old film idea I just had to film it on location. I am now on track and have started editing and I must say its going very well and I’m so pleased with my work. Things are finally looking up.

Unit 8 FMP