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Black & Gold

This is a rough design of an action poster I aim to complete digitally, in order to get me back into digital drawing. I also aim to enter the final digital design into another small contest if I have time. 138 more words


Copenhagen Extras

Although I have printed out allot of my Copenhagen photos, here are some extra ones that I also really liked.


UV Tubing Tests

Today I tested out the logistics of how I’m going to paint my plastic tubing with UV paint, and also how I was going to shape the sign. 251 more words

Technical Processes

The Flood Animation Development

As I had said in the review of my Light and Time project, I wanted to create an animation version of my film. I had started to continuously develop this animation alongside while I did my other projects, however it has changed quite allot from my original vision for it. 210 more words

Technical Processes

Narrative project idea develop

I decided to experiment with the faces of the cacti, trying to decide the level of realism appropriate for the narrative. During my meeting with Karl he told me to decide wether the plants in the story will have personalities connected to their appearance, for example the cactus would be unpleasant because they are spikey. 121 more words

Book cover idea development

I experimented using different techniques and styles picking up on different themes present in the books, such as in ‘white teeth’ the title represent the fact that despite the colour of your skin, everyone still has white teeth. 32 more words

Research and Development Book cover Zadie smith

During my research i found that the book ‘on beauty’ gave references to Maitresse erzulie black virgin painting. i therefore used this to create a print.                            42 more words