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FMP- visual inspiration and development

This Movie has definitely helped form my ideas, I have based the majority of my films, angles and shots from this film it has helped inspire me to use such awkward and realistic visuals which have allowed my ideas to come out the way they have. 209 more words


Scene set up and focus

moonlight is a film that has helped inspire me in aspects of my project, this scene in particular I left away learning from, how the director Barry Jenkins created a atmospheric, and distorted scene that not only embraces the audience but puts them at a very close perspective into what’s happening.


The Orders

Change of storyline

I have now I had to change the concept surrounding the storyline of my FMP, it will have similar concepts however it will be about a solo protagonist seeing the world from another perspective- there Will be no speech however the scene will just have the noise of the city behind it. 68 more words


Narrative theory

The theory Behind my Film is called Binary Opposition-It is an opposite pole to another, this correlates to my characters as there are different perspectives between each character and the outcomes they want to gain, E- wants a life that he can build from and gain a better future so he will not have to go back to selling drugs, However Dravs has accepted this lifestyle and has began enjoying this lifestyle so the audience can clearly see the difference in each characters perspective. 13 more words


Why they do what they do

Both my characters in my film, have begun to sell drugs in my film, The types of the drugs they surround themselves with are Class A drugs so they can gain profit from the drugs they sell. 114 more words


The reality, Discussion.

I have filmed another interview to get an understanding of the perspective of  how and why people sell drugs in there communities, I have looked at how an person can change there attitudes depending who there around,  Such as the gang violence happening in London, Just living in an area can affect your outcomes when you go outside. 42 more words