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11 Easy Idea Generation Techniques

Idea generation involves conceiving and communicating a concept that is directed towards solving a problem. Correctly applied Idea generation techniques broaden the scope for creativity thinking and help answer to life’s bothering questions. 625 more words


8 Effective Tips for Improving Creativity

Creativity has become a skill required to function effectively in any organization and every area of life.

It is defined as the ability of the human mind to generate varying concepts and find relationships between various elements to solve a problem. 399 more words


17 Habits of Successful People

Are you ready to move to the next level of success? Doing what successful people do can bring you same rewards. Listed below are some of the habits of successful people; 117 more words


Fundamental Principles of an Effective Brainstorming Session

It is so amazing how the human brain works, having the ability to generate tons of useful ideas. At least once in a lifetime, you may have been part a brainstorming session to solve a problem without even realizing you were. 505 more words


Tools & Props

  • These are my Props and Tools. I will be using a Nikon camera for filming and the tripod to provide stability for the camera. It isn’t a very advance filming camera, but it can get the work done.
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