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Defining the Problem

One piece of feedback April and I received was that the idea behind our project was not clear enough. We needed to clarify exactly what the problem was we were solving using found facts and stats to explain why what we have designed is needed and appropriate. 244 more words

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Project Proposal: Information (New)

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Director’s Statement of Intention: I am living in a fast paced city where people seldom pay attention to their surroundings, not even things along their daily routine, as people consider efficiency and targets as priority. 636 more words

Idea Development

Target Audience - Idea Development

The point of this advert is that all girls are included, regardless of any outside factors because being a girl is not all that defines them. 342 more words

Game Concept: Final Game

A young girl, blinded by a young White Dragon  when she was younger,  learned to use her connection with the magical elements of the world to see again, being able to communicate with animals and see through their eyes allowed her to have her freedom back. 225 more words


Feedback from Pitch to Sennep and Next Steps

Feedback from the pitch to Sennep and Jaygo:

  • Where else could this initiative be applied?
  • Are there other ways in which it can be put to good use?
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Visualising the Shadows

Although I was happy with the clarity and the simplicity of the Canopy Animation, it didn’t really capture the experience that the cyclists get, with the coloured shadows of the bottles on the ground. 283 more words

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After Effects Tutorial with Jaygo

In a tutorial with Jaygo, April and I were discussing the visuals we were planning on mocking up to explain the concept and process of our idea, basically how it works. 259 more words

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