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Review: Anne Maxwell, Colonial Photography and Exhibitions: Representations of the 'Native' and the Making of European Identities

Maxwell’s book on colonial photography, though not wholly valuable for my particular research, is a highly useful starting point and view into an area I hadn’t before considered: representation of colonised peoples in early exhibitions. 259 more words

Colonial History

The art of talking up a scene with yourself

“Only the boring get bored.” (Charles Bukowski, American poet and novelist)

“Sometimes I’ve imagined as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland… 1,324 more words


Why written stories should have soundtracks

If we’re honest, we’ve all probably wondered where our stories will go once they’ve made it through the publisher’s office. Will our bits of exposed thought actually be interesting to anyone? 724 more words


Develop your ideas - Don't hoard them

At the age of 18 I made it my mission to read the library of Stephen King’s fiction before I was 30, I thought I was giving myself a fair enough chance. 234 more words

Creative Writing

Concept art

Realism (Sandara)

With these two drawings I have decided to go for a more realistic look. I based some of the line work and shading off of what I had seen from the work of Sandara. 818 more words

Idea Development

Final design choices + Final Sketch

After looking at my thumbnails I have decided to develop 4 of them in more detail. For this I decided to create the basic layout with no detail and no shading, just the absolute bare bones and annotated it so that when I move on to my final production I know exactly how to produce it. 82 more words

Idea Development

Get out of bed and write down that idea

Last night, I was in that hazy, just-drifting-off-into-oblivion stage of bedtime when my relaxing brain shot off a flare into the sleepy darkness:

What if we couldn’t eat unless we touched another person? 546 more words