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Doodle Development

This week, in that glorious sunshine we had, I spent a few hours ‘idea gathering’.

I call it that, but really it was a blissful doodling session while sitting on the back step, trying to persuade my legs to tan… 38 more words

Music - a creative inspiration

Whilst television for me is a creative quagmire I find working whilst listening to music helps me. I also find the genre/type of music chosen can have a real effect. 241 more words


2. Project Aim and Rationale

Your creative project, like a dissertation should be driven by a clear research question or objective. So once you’ve got your idea you need to start constructing it’s academic framework. 586 more words

1. Your brilliant idea

360MC Research and Development is the foundation module for your Level 3 MP course. It is a big, long and comprehensive module specifically designed to help you develop ideas and methods for your final media project (FMP). 689 more words

Idea Development

Project Description

How it works?

An animated forest night scene is projected on a wall with ambience sound effects playing in the background. Audience are welcome to read the project description which tells a story about four magical flashlights that have been put on a spell by four creatures that loves to share about their own intriguing side of story. 310 more words

Idea Development