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An Introduction

Starting a project as big as an undergraduate dissertation is an unprecedented goal for anybody. Keeping up with the mountain of research that needs to be done will be difficult so, therefore, this blog will become a way I can keep track of sources I’ve looked at, why I found them useful, how I compared them; different historians and authors I’ve looked at; archives I should look at (or have looked at; and where my ideas and research is leading me in answer to what questions I should be asking. 749 more words

Colonial History

33 ways to stay happy... #17

The May experiment…

Read about the experiment here

Today: 30 – Got an idea? Write it down

Writing an idea down is about more than just remembering it. 380 more words



The aim of my project is to explore whether people get a choice in how they appear to others. According to Goffman people are in control of how they are perceived by others. 299 more words


In the future..

If I got the opportunity to do this project again, or even improve this project, I would like to make this website compatible for mobile phones and other devices.  56 more words



I started the watercolour backgrounds for my illustrations- I had quite a few issues with stretching the paper(the majority of them quite rippled and often came off the board even through I soaked them for a long time). 413 more words

When inserting a video onto my website, my initial plan was to navigate the consumer onto another page, however I feel that having it on the same page makes it more interactive and easier for people to use. 20 more words

Idea Development

Setting Up Your Small Business Venture

If you’re anything like me, you hate it when things start to get monotonous. You’ve had an idea in your head for months, maybe years, and you’re starting to feel that it’s now or never. 1,288 more words

Working Parent