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Branding Explorations

Project name list:

-Into the Dark

-Night in the woods

-Woods in the night

-Dark Sight

-Night Sight

-Night trail

-Night Walk

Experiments on posters:

Idea Development

Chosen music & art direction

Since Exquiscenes will be an online platform which creates multiplayer interactive music videos, I would need at least one song in order to demonstrate. In this case, I’ll be using James TW’s “When You Love Someone” as the first music video I’ll be creating on this web platform. 285 more words

Idea Development

Showing some skin

Every novel, play or screenplay begins with an idea. A character, a moment, an issue begging to be explored. It gets you thinking, pondering, mulling… and you’re off… Sometimes you fly.  537 more words


Further idea refinement

Through the past weeks, I have further refined the project idea, aim, and execution of the interactive music video. I figured instead of creating a single user experience, why not TWO players? 306 more words

Idea Development

Branding experiments

I did some experiment on posters, logo..

Theme: Dark, mysterious

Look and Feel: A Flashlight effect in the dark / a colorful forest at the center in the dark

Idea Development

Doodle Development

This week, in that glorious sunshine we had, I spent a few hours ‘idea gathering’.

I call it that, but really it was a blissful doodling session while sitting on the back step, trying to persuade my legs to tan… 38 more words

Music - a creative inspiration

Whilst television for me is a creative quagmire I find working whilst listening to music helps me. I also find the genre/type of music chosen can have a real effect. 241 more words