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Cultivate Curiosity, Yours and Your Associates

Cultivate Curiosity, Yours and Your Associates

Young children are naturally curious.  Too often we get impatient with their incessant questions and dampen their curiosity.  Curiosity is a good thing, even a great thing. 360 more words

Potential of Untapped Markets

New Product Development starts with Idea Generation…

This was very much the case for Bertrand Sosa and his brother when they moved from Mexico to the United States of America and realised that credit cards were out of reach for a lot of immigrants and together founded “NetSpend” which is a pre-paid debit card company. 227 more words


The Opportunist

An opportunistic pathogen takes advantage of your body’s weakened state to launch its attack. This type of disease only affects a host with a compromised immune system. 760 more words

Personal Life

Advice for writing a difficult scene

Do you have an idea for a scene, a poem, or a short story that’s giving you trouble? You just can’t find the right words? You can’t seem to organize your thoughts? 409 more words

Creative Writing

What do I want to campaign about?

In this blog post I will be exploring different issues that affect people, that I am aware of and try to classify the different issues for my idea generation. 401 more words


Innovation and 'temporary' high performance teams

I was recently engaged by a client to run a series of workshops that brought together a dozen or so of the brightest of minds at the sharp end of the nuclear decommissioning industry. 630 more words


All the World is Stage- Idea Generation.

This morning we had an hour lecture on the third topic “All the world is Staged”. In this lecture we were given a wide variety of artists that specialise in staged photography, some of which were,  Andre Kertesz, Roger Fenton, Jeff Wall, Gabriel Orozco, Edward Hopper and Phillip Lorca diCorcia. 258 more words