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3 Quick Steps To Get Your Entire Company Involved In Content Marketing

It’s always wise to have the entire team by your side when you desperately want a work to be done or have a particular goal in mind. 700 more words

Content Marketing

Final Project: Story Board Design

In this blog post we will be looking at the story created and the design for the final shoot in Ideas and Resolutions. Though we weren’t allowed to have images spill over more than one page I thought I’d create a book design. 365 more words


Mobile Game Concept

The aim of this task is to create a mobile game that has one base mechanic. This will make the game simple and easy to understand. 301 more words

Introduction To Games Design

"Daydreaming" Vignette: Idea Generation

Being only 55 seconds in length, this moving image production was an intriguing prospect, as it is the shortest time frame that I have been required to produce. 680 more words


Day 64: Initial animations

After the basic layouts were setup and developed, I wanted to add a series of animations to my heading bar, social media icons and images. In order to do so I learn’t the attribute of a hover state and how to target it with an a-class. 95 more words

Idea Generation

Day 64: About page development

After trialling a series of compositions and images for my about page, I decided on blurring myself into the orange background with a photo filter. In order to this I went in photoshop change a series of values including curves, exposure and contrast. 161 more words

Idea Generation

Day 63: Landing page development

After receiving the critique’s feedback I began to refine elements in order to make a more coherent design. The idea of using my logo as enter point into my website allows the user to have control of the initial navigation. 65 more words

Idea Generation