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Write What You're Passionate About

Write what you know is a good advice. It’s great advice when you’re trying to prevent your readers from questioning the plausibility of your story. Do your research. 180 more words


Design Approach: Doodles and the Wider Audience

There is something about a simple, unassuming black and white doodle that attracts people. In fact, I think doodles have a universal appeal, perhaps because we’ve all done it. 260 more words

Idea Generation

Design Theme Revised

Thus far I have been taking a highly artistic aesthetic approach to this project, using watercolour as my primary medium. However after taking my poster designs to print this past week, I realised the result on paper was not matching up to my expectations, and while this was largely a technical issue that could potentially be overcome, this setback made me rethink my entire visual approach. 542 more words



I have done 4 sketches for some of my concept art I am going to produce. Hopefully by doing these sketches it will help me produce my concept art easier. 133 more words

Idea Generation

Mood boards Castles

I am going to be looking at 7 different images of castle to see if I can get any inspiration. 244 more words

Idea Generation

Mood boards Alien

I am going to be looking at 10 different images of aliens to see if I can get any inspiration. 338 more words

Idea Generation

Film: Opening up our blackbox

How do we move from collecting ethnographic stories of street-involved adults to generating ideas for what might create change to testing whether those ideas are any good? 18 more words