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Experimental Practice: The Journal

In order to get design ideas going, I gave myself a really loose exercise of keeping a visual journal of my thoughts and feelings in relation to my project’s theme. 283 more words


Idea Generation

When the theme for the Final Major Project was revealed I thought I might have trouble coming up with an idea, but as soon as I started coming up with different ideas, what love is about, and the different themes within love, I was coming up with lots of different ideas and different scenes were running through my head while I was mind mapping them. 323 more words

Experimental Video

Project Update

For the next week or two I’ll be incredibly busy with an animation project I’m tackling for another paper, which is a bit of a pity as I really really want to focus more on this project. 274 more words


Collections project - Part III: thumbnailing ideas

I started thumbnailing some ideas for my doll’s house, thinking about whether it would be flat-pack or not and if I wanted shelves in it to act as the inner walls/floors/ceilings. 198 more words

Uni Work

EDUCATION 101: New Product Development Process

Principles Of Marketing; Product development


A product can be defined as anything that can be offered to the market for attention, acquisition, rental, use or consumption to satisfy a need or a want. 268 more words


My Vine Video

This is my experimental Vine video! Since I’m playing with the whole idea of palimpsest, I decided to do a palimpsest for this video with my hand, representing me, as the canvas. 78 more words