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Do you struggle with getting in control of the paperwork you generate when you take notes (including idea generation)?

If you do…then I’m exactly like you! 387 more words


Entrepreneur of the month - Seth Godin on the tribes we lead.

It’s our entrepreneur of the month series again and I am sharing a 17 minutes video from the guru of marketing, Seth Godin, talking about the importance of leading tribes to getting your ideas from conception to implementation. 105 more words

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Accelerate Your Collisions

It takes me 16 steps to get from my workplace to our little office pantry, which serves as the unofficial hub where most interactions between departments take place. 625 more words

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Here is a mood board that I created. The mood board helped me consider the ways that different tower defence games demonstrate the same feature differently such as their interface, this was useful for me as it made sure later when I create these features I can refer back to the mood boards I created and use them as reference images, this way I can try to make the game similar to other tower defence games.

Mood board2

Joseph Coupland

2016 99U Ideas and Creativity

June 12, 2015

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“Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.”

—Thomas Edison

May 5-6, 2016 // New York City

The goal of the 99U Conference is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution.

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During development of the game I created surveys asking players what they thought of content so I could find out if players disliked or really liked any content and get any suggestions, this way I could find out what players liked and try to expand on these ares or keep the reasons to why the players liked set content when I improved upon them. 57 more words

Joseph Coupland