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"Our commercial team have appointed a design agency to come up with ideas for us"

This is a direct quote from someone I have been communicating with over the past few months about Front End Innovation.

Now, I have nothing against design agencies, when I worked at Unilever we used them all the time, and for precisely the same deliverable this company are after. 520 more words


Idea Generator - Day 9

Sitting on the metra train heading to the suburbs for a soccer game, I had my head phones in and could not render any videos over my LTE network. 450 more words


Idea Generator - Day 8

When I was in high school I read an article about a man who, starting with a paper clip, used the Craigslist barter category to eventually trade up to a Porsche (or house.. 595 more words


Idea Generator - Day 7

Day 7 of creating 10 ideas a day.

After a nice long weekend, it’s time to get back to thinking of some ideas. The book that prompted me to do this lays out 4 simple rules to stay motivated. 750 more words


Romance Prompts

Romance-oriented writing prompts, originally published on my Tumblr blog All of the Prompts and now edited and brought to you to find in one place, and… 2,940 more words


A drawing a day 2016

This weekend, like many others recently, I have spent my in my living room. Cosy with music in the background drawing. I have found a new love for drawing and I have steadily been getting better. 261 more words


Idea Generator - Day 6

Day 6 of creating 10 ideas a day.

It’s Friday – which intimidated me a little bit as far as keeping up with 10 ideas. Anyways, it’s weekend time and here’s what I am thinking. 584 more words