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Analysis of Lyrics

I created this to highlight the meaning behind some of the main lyrics in the song ‘Shelter’ by Birdy. I took lines of lyrics and decoded them to explain what I believe the deeper meaning to be, I also made some brief points to explain how some of the lyrics will be beneficial to me and how I will incorporate them when I create my music video.


Research into Equipment

I created this to show the equipment that I have access to and will be using – along with why they will be beneficial to me. 29 more words


Themed Prompts: A Couple In A Library

What could two people, a couple or a couple-to-be perhaps, do in a library that would be worth writing about? Find a few suggestions in this post. 298 more words


Musical Interlude

Let’s continue our never-ending attempt to see if I can get YouTube videos to embed here.

You guys know that I think music is an excellent way to help you get tone and mood when writing, and depending on what you’re listening to, can also help inspire scenes, characterization, or even whole plotlines. 227 more words


Themed Prompts: Mermaids

Mermaids entered the human imagination as the personification of the dangers and unknown of the deep and open sea, but they undergone a transformation and today often appear in stories of unrequited or star-crossed love. 287 more words