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Keeping Track of Story Ideas

Good morning, Squiders! Today we’re jumping back into our nonfiction series on story idea generation. I was going to go over where to go looking for ideas, but it occurred to me that perhaps it would be best to talk about how to store your ideas so you can find them again later. 789 more words


A Decision is Made

In my last post I wrote about ways to come up with ideas for side projects and that idea generation is really just problem solving in disguise. 740 more words


Why Go Looking for Writing Ideas?

First of all, squiders, I apologize for disappearing off the grid. Normally when I go out of town I pre-write and schedule the posts, but we took a spontaneous trip last week and I didn’t have time to get things ready before we left. 645 more words


Idea Generation for Side Projects

While some of us might consider ourselves to be creative most of us do not. I’ll go with the 80/20 rule here. Twenty percent of us are creative and eighty percent are not. 1,170 more words


Flash Fiction Friday: Welcome Aboard the S. S. True Love

Welcome aboard the S. S. True Love. Here you will find all the things that you need for making the best romantic occassions out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 320 more words

My Works

Kickstarter: Idea Generation

As a group, we decided that we needed a new product and new brand identity following on from our market ready prints idea.

We felt that our product needed more of a focus and our last project was too vague. 456 more words


rearranging the furniture

After I drew the more elaborate Lattice picture during the concert last night (earlier post), the thought popped into my head that “I could put anything anywhere.”  It’s just a compositional sketch, after all.  207 more words