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Idea Generation

Here is a couple ideas that I had floating around for our product, most of it probably doesn’t make any sense but feel free to add to it! 43 more words

Farmer's Market

Nut Butters

To second something that Joanna has already talked about in a previous post. I really like the idea of nut butter or some kind of different way to spice up breakfast spreads while putting a healthier spin on it this good appeal to people with allergies or diet choices; this is on trend at the moment as we have seen with the increase in gluten free products. 235 more words

Farmer's Market

Central Proposition

Space for questions emerging from research… I’m still crafting the question, but I want it to include the following:

  • I’m passionate about experience design so I want this project to be situated within that sphere of design…
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Actualizing An Idea

I am motivated by the flow of ideas and enjoy the whole process of actualizing them; starting with idea generation and conceptualization, then application development and project management, and finally marketing, selling and delivering on the idea. 478 more words


Where do ideas come from?

I have recently committed myself to following James Altucher’s Daily Practice. One aspect of the Daily Practice as Altucher describes it is to write down ten ideas a day. 499 more words


When it’s time to start over, these two habits could save you

Starting a new business can be a daunting task, especially after walking away from one which resulted in great losses. You are immediately faced with the ultimate question: What next? 170 more words


Writers - Scavengers and Eavesdroppers All!

Imagine laying beside a pool in Maui, enduring a conversation between an aggressively lazy boyfriend telling his partner that if he had booked their holiday, there would have been no confusion over their zip-line adventure tickets. 726 more words

Human Nature