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What You Should Do When People Borrow Your Ideas

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. (Robin Williams)

If you are a focused, creative talent working hard at generating fresh ideas and turning them into profitable action to improve the world around you through your business activities, it may occur to you that other individuals, or organizations, are quick to implement ideas they think may be profitable and useful.

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Innovation Management

Creativity Lesson from the Stoics: Practice Virtues

Think of a time when someone really pushed your buttons—when some jerk was rude, broke in line or did something totally inappropriate.  What was your reaction? 363 more words


On Writerly Note-taking: Capturing the Essence of an Idea

It’s one thing having a great idea.  It’s another to capture it in a way which will resonate with you hours, days, weeks or even years later.   836 more words

Human Nature

The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox (101) – Creativity and idea generation

Coming up with an idea for a business can be very challenging but there are several ways that make finding an idea easier. It could happen that an idea pops up in your mind at a given moment when crossing the road or making a cup of coffee, but more often than not an idea is generated through a series of steps in which you explore your inner passions, interests and drivers. 1,825 more words

Thinking About Thinking

Do you ever think about how you think? You should; it can help you be more creative.

It’s surprising how we sometimes come to conclusions. Frequently, my conclusions are drawn from mere associations. 628 more words


Notes & Paperwork

Do you struggle with getting in control of the paperwork you generate when you take notes (including idea generation)?

If you do…then I’m exactly like you! 387 more words


Entrepreneur of the month - Seth Godin on the tribes we lead.

It’s our entrepreneur of the month series again and I am sharing a 17 minutes video from the guru of marketing, Seth Godin, talking about the importance of leading tribes to getting your ideas from conception to implementation. 105 more words

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