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Idea Generation and Filtering : A High Level View (German)

I remember a good course on Coursera on Idea Filtering, I am socialized in the Lean-Startup Methods and always enjoyed idea filtering. When you mash this all up you basically get to this framework: 216 more words


Digital Advantage

How do you get the digital advantage over your competition?

Its easy isn’t it just look at what everyone is doing in the digital space then take a quantum leap forward… re-think the thinking, take the box and break down then build it up into a multi dimensional hedra which attracts attention in droves which the digital guru would be proud of! 379 more words

3 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of the “Idea Generation” Process

In my previous post, I compared the efficiency of two approaches to corporate innovation: “bottom-up” and “top-down.” The former approach relies on ideas that are first generated by a company’s employees and then channeled up to the company’s senior management. 812 more words


Sculpture drawing Experimentation

I had an observational drawing session looking at the shapes of the ‘Shoryuken’s fire.’
Since I’m planning on creating my sculpture out of steel rods, I tried constructing my sculptural drawings using a Ruler. 85 more words

Pages of Ideas

The idea generation session kicked off with a few exercises to get some ideas flowing……and flow they did!!

Pages of flip chart paper have been used and a long list of ideas have been stored.   46 more words

Not Everyone wants to Talk First

If I asked you to imagine a team discussion or meeting where the purpose was to generate new ideas you might have in your head an image with the following elements: 683 more words


Sculpture Idea: Shoryuken (The Rising Dragon)

I am planning on going back and creating another metal sculpture, but this time I am planning for it to have a function. I was thinking of creating some sort of ‘outdoor fire place.’ 182 more words