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Idea Factory: Character Idea Generation 5

The Protagonist (temp name)

Genre : Comedy , Slice of life , Action

This idea is about a student who is in a stereotypical ideal protagonist centred world ,  the only problem is she doesn’t want to be a protagonist but a normal person with a normal life and a normal job , but the universe is constantly putting her in situations that demand her to become a protagonist of a story , but every time she dead eyed says no to the situation much to the dismay of the giving her these weird ridiculous fantastical offers.

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Planning Summary

In terms of my planning, the first initial task that I completed was my Resource Audit – this post I decided I would create a music video and focused on the key equipment/ potential equipment I would need to create a successful music video. 413 more words


Sectors: Generating Ideas NMI, February 2017

Sectors: Generating Ideas NMI, March 2017

  1. Introduction

    Just like I did with the PMI (here) I’m going to use the ISN NMI report to drill down in order to find out which sectors might be more interesting.

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Sectors: Generating Ideas PMI, February 2017

Sectors: Generating Ideas PMI, February 2017

  1. Introduction

    Big Hedge Funds and Banks have an army of analysts, this allows then to fully research and understand every single stock in the world.

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Children's Book Adaptation: Ideas


  • Yellow brick road bit it has obstacles which will block the players from progressing and it can only be achieved by fulfilling a quest, defeating a boss or a puzzle.
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Introduction To Games Design

Idea Factory : Script writing : Script Ideas

1.When humans find a parasite that eats biomass to reproduce , they create a replicating AI to fight fire with fire , but can the Humans survive in the middle  ( monster movie , thriller ) Sugar Free …. working title 




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