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The Mind Of A Not-Single Man

Never mind the mind of a married man, dramatic sulking is the prerogative of any man that’s not single. Well, at least he’s got imagination. 19 more words


Barbie With A Brain

When I first chanced upon the Agony Aunt section in HT Cafe, I had to smile when I saw who was solving problems for the lovelorn. 469 more words

Battle Of The Sexes

Bull run

While my pessimism as regards men, may know no bounds, she reminds me that some markets are always booming! Viva manhood and the spirit of madness, then! 11 more words

Battle Of The Sexes

More answers to stupid comments

..and while we are on what I’d say, here’s more Idea-shots:

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Battle Of The Sexes

That's quite loyal

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On A Lighter Note..