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Long Way Home 

I always thought the idea of finding home in a person was a childish whim,

Because how could I expect one person to hold-

The trenches of baggage I came with. 286 more words


Happiness in everyday essencials

Pagaliau pagaliau! Atradau laiko naujam blogo įrašui, kurį planavau parašyti jau geras kelias savaites. Paskutiniu metu jaučiu lyg mano blog’ai buvo užmigę žiemos miegu. Dėl studijų ir darbo, laisvo laiko buvo tikrai mažai. 356 more words



Hello everybody!

Tucked away in the dramatic landscapes of the Alps, Innsbruck is a true Alpine gem and renowned worldwide for its ski resorts and tradition of hosting winter sports competitions. 1,587 more words



This laymen’s guide to Compression Theory is for those that wish to understand the concept of compression. Understanding the fundamental is important for the setup. 1,538 more words


changing a title of a dayly post

Dear Readers:
I write this letter to you my wonderful readers.
Today I will change the title “thought for today” to “quote for today.” Why is this? 42 more words

Daily Post

Entrepreneurial Idea #24

Brain wave idea based on my current Instagram minivlogs:

Will do this for businesses for a one off fee. Discuss in PM. https://t.co/Vou43oK1ir #Entrepreneurial #AdvertisingSpace

— Stephen Mitchell (@eztephen) April 23, 2017


Dealing with Long Distant Friendship 

I was thinking of doing a simple makeup tutorial since I planned on doing that, but I decided to postpone that until next time and concentrate on something that has recently affected my life. 741 more words