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I realized something today. Something maybe I should have realized a while ago. I mean I’ve heard the saying multiple times “People will judge you no matter what you do so do what you want.” But have I truly understood this? 180 more words

Los Angeles

Rape- An Accepted Evil

Rape rape everywhere, not a life to live!!!

How strange is it that a woman who gives lives to others is now pleading for her own life. 581 more words


20 Questions To Ask Before Crowdfunding Your Start-Up

From planning to production and execution, there are several factors to consider if you are thinking about using a crowdfunding model to finance a business, product, project, service or event. 602 more words


Idea: Light Tokens

If you’re like me, your mind is constantly wandering, jumping from one half-formed idea to the next all throughout the day.  Most of the time, they’re just random musings, maybe a random memory pops up, but every once in a while, I’m able to linger on a thought long enough to let it really take shape.   528 more words


Sharp Idea 24 Extreme Situations

My idea for this post was to create yet another impossible event where two sharpies come to life. They go on a romantic date and as said in the illustration confidence seems to be key to the success of this rather unusual couple. 110 more words


The Inevitable: "About"

Hey there!

My name is Natalie and my friends call me Nat. I am 23 years old and currently residing in Ontario Canada.

It has taken me quite some time to gain the courage to begin blogging, and I’m not sure why! 51 more words


The wind turbine could get a snazzy green facelift, thanks to Dutch architects

The Netherlands just keeps one-upping the rest of the world. Recently, a Dutch construction firm installed a solar panel bike lane and then engineers went ahead and made… 375 more words

Climate & Energy

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You know this brings me to an idea, having wind turbines incorporated with buildings will maximize space, look nice and create energy all at the same time. They would have businesses or people working in the turbine or it could be a hotel or apartment building. All that would maximize the space and make the turbine have more potential. It would cost a lot to make but in a year or so of production and selling of apartments or something you could be benefiting. All I'm saying what would happen if we thought outside the box?