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A Good User Interface (Phần 3)

10 điều tiếp theo bạn nên làm để tạo ra một giao diện người dùng tốt.

21 -Hãy thử thêm vào các hiệu ứng thay vì để mọi thứ tĩnh… 1,987 more words

Happy Coding


This page features just some of the designs that I have come up with through my many years of experimenting. Please feel free to click on them to get some inspiration for your next amazing project!

Cards And Gifts

awning for cars

It is very tricky to get into car while it is raining. Although you have got an umbrella you need to be very quick because you do not like water in your car. 38 more words


Be creative and be Unique

I was thinking that taking an idea and adapting it to where i live would be unique, and all what is relevant is to come up with such an idea, and to program and design my idea which is a web app can be done by the usual and ordinary methods. 333 more words


Writing Prompt #24

Write a short story using these words:

  1. vitality
  2. cranberry
  3. greenhouse
  4. train

Character Idea Draft

Lately, I’ve been working on a fiction story framed around an art-loving small-town girl that, in a several ways, kind of reminds me of myself. She has the sort of life that I admire, and I hope to continue writing her story. 638 more words

39 Futuristic Kitchen Products You Had No Idea You Needed

Knife Set
Global Classic 3-Piece Master Chef Knife Set
Leather Pearl Necklace Brown Genuine Leather Single Pearl Necklace Natural… Signature Set with Block Signature Set with Block… 27 more words