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Tugas Studio Perancangan Arsitektur 4

Tugas studio perancangan arsitektur 4 (stupa) HIGHRISE BUILDING ( APARTMENT )

di tugas ini ada 2 pilihan antara membuat hotel atau apartemen … kebetulan saya dapatnya apartemen … yang terpintas untuk apartemen mungkin akan bermewah mewahan dan kelas atas seperti di tv-tv … tapi saya mau coba buat apartemen yang sederhana aja karena saya juga belum punya banyak ilmu dan detail masih banyak kurang paham jadi membuat apartemen khusus kalangan menengah begitu contohnya mahasiswa karena dimedan juga apartemen khusus mahasiswa juga belum ada kebanyakan masih kos kosan jadi kayaknya cocok untuk peruntukan mereka. 786 more words


Thoughtful Thursday: The "ROCKET TURTLE" v1.0 | A Car Enthusiast's Enthusiastic Idea.

Hey guys, I’m back with another thoughtful Thursday. And the thought for today is… a world changing vehicle. It is called, the ROCKET TURTLE (v1.0 to be exact). 229 more words

List of Inventions I Can't Make

As you have read through my Inventions and Ideas category, I have lots of ideas for inventions, businesses, etc. For most of these ideas, I don’t have the know-how or enough interest to actually turn them into reality. 310 more words

Inventions And Ideas

The Vision

A business, like most things, starts with a vision, idea, or concept. But, just having a vision, idea, or concept is not enough. There is so much more that goes into starting a business, and we will get into all of that. 766 more words


new fuel

My idea is to invent a new fuel. This new fuel is an environmental friendly product. It looks like small pellets which are fabricated by means of high temperature (focused daylight) which means that this material consists of high energy. 33 more words


Blue and white

This weeks art class we looked at  blue and white china, the Willow pattern and the work of Grayson Perry. we started just painting from the Willow pattern with the aim to develop a twist on the theme, I don’t think my head was in the right place for this and It didn’t really go anywhere, later I worked on a few ideas and  considered making a twist on the  Japanese wave. 49 more words

Jeff Coles Art


The virtual world is full of bloggers  whose opinions or life experiences are becoming iconics.  More and more people are searching for treatments, design ideas, hairstyles and all kinds of advice on the internet. 117 more words