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Besides FINAL, 1M People already took this TEST ...!

Me: “Mirror, Mirror, what’s the most Exhausting Test in the world?”
Mirror: “Finals. For you probably.”
Me: “Mirror, Mirror, what’s the most Exciting… 530 more words


Poetry topic idea: the color blue

Today’s poetry topic idea is the color blue.  A poet could write about a number of blue things.  Some include:

the sky

blue flowers

blue eyes… 140 more words


About movies

Transmitting an idea is one off the highest achievable feats in media. Sharing a thought-process with someone else and persuading them to adopt that process is one of the most powerful tools a human has. 196 more words


Even if you are one person, you can make a difference

Don’t forget to encourage small businesses and self-employed craftsmen, they need your support much more than corporations, and although you may think it’ll be more expensive for you, they will most probably do a much better job than employees who need to respect very strict time limits per customer. 221 more words


Tips for Phone Interview

Phone interview?

Interview secara fon? apa yang anda kena buat dan perkara yang tidak digalakkan anda lakukan? So, entri kali ini akan menguraikan isu mengenai phone interview yang merupakan trend kini. 396 more words


Had a great idea for a maternity T-shirt Connor Goodwolf

Had a great idea for a maternity T-shirt

Connor Goodwolf

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