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Screen Readers and Government Contracting

For those of you who have no idea what a screen reader is, it is not someone who will read your screen for you, but it is a fancy software app used to try to identify who and what is showing up on the computer screen.

Accidentally Detective

”You may think this was just a normal accident but in few seconds I am going to reveal you the ugly truth!” Boy wearing fancy jacket and skinny jeans smiled knowingly to the few polices circling him with interest. 424 more words


3 Steps of Facing Bullshits

I stumbled upon a problem but then I managed to realize that it is not a problem at all! Want to know the magic way? 158 more words


I’m literally the worst person ever. “Going to blog more” I said once before in a previous post. Maybe if I put it into my planner or an alarm on my phone I’ll actually write. 343 more words


Bonus Story Idea: Through His Eyes

I came up with this while stuck in traffic, so be nice.

As always, if this story inspires you to write something (and I hope it does) or if you wish to develop this story further (and I hope you do), a small acknowledgement would be great! 438 more words


Whirlpool Meditation Idea

Was meditating today, and some ideas dawned on me regarding meditation tracks.

One was a former idea, that has to do with making the track like a dream, where a short song, is followed by a double-length version of it, and then a triple length version of it, and so on, so with every pass it gets longer, but still of the same content, much like how we have dreams at night. 219 more words