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Digital class Connecting the unconnected

The class (classes) idea occurred as a response to an international competition of the Aces Foundation for school projects,and since it had spread and “infected” all my acquaintances, I wished to share it in this form to entire Serbia,so I signed up to a “Digital class” competition of the Ministry of Telecommunications.The classes are inspired with the project and solidarity as a subject,and they are intended for the teachers of  the Serbian language and literature and Civic education,so it would be useful as an idea to all the teachers of the two subjects in Serbia. 155 more words


An idea?

I got an idea to create a website where you would have listed trending technologies,
and what do they do (for web development).

Yes, mmmmmm. Mr Popara style.


“А neutral sweater dress that tied around the waist… I haven’t found one… so two sweaters of the same color tone.”

Paola Alberdi, fashion blogger… 17 more words

List Of Tech Startups And Their Competitors

Image Credit: businessofapps.com

While companies like Google seem to be enjoying monopoly as a search engine, most startups’ monopoly seems to be short-lived. Having come out with a phenomenon idea, most promising startups face stiff competition from behemoths in the industry. 460 more words


Bubble thoughts

  • Let people pick any picture from the Internet, mostly closely related to their social circle and let them add witty captions to it.
  • So assume someone uploads a picture to Facebook, then someone can use our app to create a captioned photo and post that as a comment