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The TV-Set within the Bathroom: Could it be a Good Idea?

Would you like to be careful about your favorite Television shows lying inside a relaxing awesome bath? Why don’;t? Today we will give you a couple of tips on how to use a TV-set inside a bathroom properly and what disadvantages this commencing might have.

If having after a…


a friendship is cultivated.

two new souls congregate

in praise of their creation.

Chapter XVII: Examining Time

Assuming from we know Intermediate Macroeconomics, if time was a good, it would be a normal good. Based on their observed behaviour, the following empirical conclusion were made: people use their wage they obtained from hours of work to buy leisure time, which has many possible uses. 656 more words


Taking a step backward...Step FORWARD!

Maybe not the best way to set up a Monday, but I felt like it was a point that I wanted to talk about, of something that happened to me over the weekend. 797 more words

Magical Monday

And she's happy now

Would you have stayed if she was poor?
Would you have noticed her if she was ugly?
If her legs didn’t catch your attention,
Or your pride taken over your logic? 138 more words


5 Habits Every New Writer Should Implement Into Their Lives

All over the internet you find posts akin to “X amount of habits of successful people”. Well why not jump on the bandwagon, right? So this list isn’t necessarily the five habits of successful writers, but it is a list of five habits every new writer should work on. 1,371 more words