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Journalist comparison- Frost vs. Paxman

For our CATS assignment we have to write a 2000 word essay comparing the work of two journalists.

I wanted to choose journalists that have plenty of work online to compare so I have chosen to write about Sir David Frost and Jeremy Paxman. 54 more words

CATS: John

How To Be Creative

  1. Think of one idea
  2. Think of another idea
  3. Combine the two ideas together

The beginning

You always start somewhere, this will be my humble beginning. You have got be able to build yourself. The world may break you but every step it takes is to make a future YOU. 353 more words


The Idea Behind Professional Indemnity Insurance | Fun Trivia Guru

Professional Indemnity Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance in some jurisdictions, is among the most useful type of insurance for those who are earning income based on their business, trade, or profession. 26 more words

Adsense Template Idea To Earnings And Sucess ... ASAP!

Adsense Design template Suggestion To Earnings And Sucess … ASAP!

What does small and big sites share? Two words. Adsense design templates.

From the time adsense and adsense design templates had actually been presented, it has shown to be among the most effective ways of creating more moneyRead more…


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शकीली पत्नी ने सहेली को बताया पति को दबोचने का IDEA

Mind Blowing: शकीली पत्नी ने सहेली को बताया पति को दबोचने का IDEA

लड़की की शादी के बाद, पहली बार उसकी सहेली मिलने आती है..
वो आपस में बातें कर रही होती हैं तो शादीशुदा लड़की उसे बताती है..
लड़की: मुझे अपने पति पर शक है कि वो रोज़ बाहर किसी दूसरी लड़की से मिलते हैं…
सहेली हैरानी से बोली, ” Oh My God!!… अब तुम क्या करोगी..?”
लड़की: आज ही उनके पीछे अपने दोनों ब्वॉयफ्रेंड्स को लगाती हूं…!!