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When I need to do something, I am visiting to design studio sites.

Purity and Sin!




So far, we have seen that being broke and not wanting to work for somebody are really not great reasons to start a business. Let me introduce you to the third wrong reason. 226 more words

Evolución en la escritura dramática

El guión es el escrito de una historia de una persona en un lugar realizando una acción. La situación se hace dentro de un espacio-tiempo, la acción es lo que pasa y el personaje es quien ejecuta la acción. 609 more words


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I am responsible for my own happiness


If you are not responsible for your own happiness.

Imagine. You are always relying on other people to feel your own happiness.  74 more words


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Everyday you make a decision. 

Although, it may look subtle, in a life time, it makes a great difference. 

Each decision you make is your choice.  207 more words


In-game store

A narrower version of the recycling system (see previous article) where you exchange cards for currency. The reason why I didn’t include it in the recycling system — although I did say that you could get in-game currency for these cards — is because there are more things that you can do with a store than selling cards. 296 more words


People Are Not Always What The Seem (short poem)

People confuse me.

One day they say they love you,

The next day you’re strangers.

One day they need you,

They next day they use you. 61 more words